Sunday, May 07, 2006

You people in the blogosphere, know that I'm not making this up...
We have a new celebrity in Philly town, and his name is Carlos (we have the right spelling now) Oliveras. The catcher of Barry Bonds' 713th career home run at Citizens Bank Park a short time ago is currently surrounded by national media back in the press lunch room, where usually only a feeding frenzy takes place.

Carlos is an Airman 1st class, stationed at McGuire Air Force Base in Burlington County, New Jersey. Carlos is a polite 25-year-old gentleman, even respectful of the people around him right now, which quite frankly is amazing.

Anyway, the soldier, a native of Guamica, Puerto Rico, says the ball bounced right to him. So he has good hands, but he also is a pretty bright guy.

"I put the ball between my legs," said Carlos. "People were yelling at me to throw it back and I didn't want to."

When everybody around him continued to urge him to chuck Barry's homer ball, Oliveras said, "I was getting nervous. Scared."

Finally, the Phillies Security Force, a division of Homeland Security's South Philly office, surrounded him and brought him to safety.

Going to was his friend, Charles Beutler, also an airman, who says he knew exactly what he was doing when he got the tickets for right field on a Bonds night.

"It was like buying a lottery ticket," he said.


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