Saturday, May 06, 2006

Welcome to Eye on Barry, Part II.

It's kind of like waiting all night in a maternity ward. Only the pain is greater.

Everyone seems to be hurting for quotes here. Waiting for Barry to say anything, or do anything, that will make this "great chase" somewhat interesting. But since Barry talked in Milwaukee on Wednesday ... he's acting like he's wearing the Conehead of Silence.

Apparently, the latest plan for him and the Giants to handle the media horde here is "if Barry does anything in the game, he'll speak afterward."

Last night: 0-for-3 with a walk. Everyone took a mad dash to the Giants clubhouse, but Barry was OUTTAHERE by the time the Phillies were done congratulating themselves on the field.

Here's an actual quote by a smiling young man who identified himself as a Giants PR guy: "Elvis has left the building."

Maybe he meant Costello, or even Stojko, because he didn't look old enough to be Presley's great grandkid.

Anyway, it was Barry beaming out the old silent treatment again before the game tonight, though newly appointed Giants starter Steve Finley -- a solid veteran who probably didn't think he was joining the circus when he signed with San Francisco -- took pleasure in talking about how he'll have to hit behind Barry today.

Back to back 41-year-olds in that jumping Giants lineup.

Finley's there because Moises Alou, second in the National League in hitting before wrecking his ankle last night, is out indefinitely with an ankle blown up like a balloon. Now it figures Bonds won't have as many pitches to hit without Alou behind him.

Right Steve?

"Heck no," he said. "That's just more of an opportunity for me to drive in runs."

As for Phillies manager Charlie Manuel, who gave Bonds one intentional pass last night, apparently he still isn't afraid to pitch to Bonds.

"His timing is off a little bit," Manuel said of Bonds. "Hopefully, he won't find it until he gets out of here."


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