Sunday, May 07, 2006

This just in ... the guy who wrangled Bonds' 713th homer is revealed ... and then whisked away by Phillies security.

Maybe he's in a holding cell getting grilled right now by Dallas Green. Or perhaps they're trying to buy the ball off him. One other unofficial explanation had it that the fan with the lucky hands was taken away willingly, mainly because fans around him were hassling him about not throwing the ball back onto the field.

Something like ... "Yo Dude, it's not like that one's worth anything! Give it up!"

No go ... so the fan says "Let's go."

Either way, Mr. 713 will not be named by the Barry Blog Master ... at least not until he's released from custody.

Wait ... another update. He's Carlos Alavaros (we'll correct that spelling later) and it's been announced that he's available to the media in the press dining area right now.

Carlos must be a hell of a cook.


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