Friday, May 05, 2006

This is getting ridiculous. Fun, but ridiculous.

Ryan Howard and Chase Utley now have two home runs each as the Phillies have assumed a 6-3 lead in the home fourth, looking to stretch their winning streak to six and ... excuse me for a minute ...


Um, you want to join in here? The choice staff here at Citizens Bank Park has worked so hard for your arrival, and on another magical night in the dream park where every pitch has an even money chance of ending up in a bullpen or flower bed beyond the fence ... Bonds is coming up in the fifth looking for a knock, himself.

He's scheduled to hit third, so chances are Charlie will have another free pass waiting for him.

Meanwhile, as for that other team's left fielder, isn't getting a little ridiculous what's going on with Pat Burrell?

He just went into a take-out side, which was unfortunate because he would have been safe with a real slide because of a bad throw. Anyway, Burrell was tagged out and then barely was able to stand up.

His legs are a mess. His offseason surgery for bone chips left him overcompensating for the pain, and now he has aches up and down his taped up leg. He just came out of this game, too.


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