Friday, May 05, 2006

One night down, still two homers to go for Barry to catch The Babe.
But Philly fans -- a few of them, anyway -- already caught a little flak in the post-game interview in Giants manager Felipe Alou's office.

Talking about a bad ankle sprain his son, Moises, suffered in the third inning while chasing a foul pop, Felipe said both he and his son thought at first it was a replay of a disastrous injury Moises suffered in 1993, catching his spikes in turf, fracturing his fibula and dislocating an ankle.

"He had the same feeling that he had when he was hurt in St. Louis and broke the leg," the elder Alou said.

While father and son were still fretting while waiting for a cart to remove Moises, Bonds came over to them, and according to the elder Alou, a few fans seated nearby began booing.

Said Alou: "Mo's down, and Barry comes over as a teammate. And two or three guys are booing. That's cheap. Very cheap."

Until tomorrow, Bonds followers...


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