Sunday, May 07, 2006

Now that the first real chorus of PhillyFanspeak has been heard upon Barry Bonds' introduction, let's kick into our third installment of Barry Does Philly...

The pre-game excitement centered around Bonds' snoozing in the clubhouse. He came in, the hundred or so media buzzards stirred. He sat by his locker, one of them approached and reminded him of days gone by and they talked a little. Others held back, then Barry seemed to invite them into his world ... pulling another chair over by his.

Alas, that was only to rest his aching feet -- either that or to slightly alleviate the seemingly chronic right knee pain that has made him play like a shadow of the player he was even two weeks ago during this series.

And then ... the King of Pop rested right there. Dropped off to sleep while a Dave Chappelle special aired on the clubhouse' TV -- might have been Barry's DVD, but our many clubhouse sources couldn't confirm it -- and there he went, fast asleep.

Moving on outside, ESPN people were crawling around Citizens Bank Park like fleas on an autograph hound. It truly made one shiver.

Someone had shaken Barry, because he came out stretching, getting warmed up and listening to the lovely chants of CHEATER! and other pleasantries. While this was going on, Larry Baer, the Giants' executive vice president in charge of joining the team on the road now that it has lost six of its last seven games, tried not to look disgusted as he discussed this visit to Philly.

Said Larry: "I think they’re professionals I think they can play through it. Nobody would be happier than 25 guys and Barry and the front office and everybody if he’d hit home runs and it would be over with by now."


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