Friday, May 05, 2006

Barry's Road Show arrived quietly at Citizens Bank Park this afternoon. Apparently, no fans tried to board the bus or rock it onto its side.

But the road show transformed into a media roadblock in the visitors clubhouse, as about 100 bored writer types stood around the hallways and in the room basically getting in the players' way.

Bonds didn't talk -- a few short comments would have helped move the crowd back outside, but why bother? -- and no public relations traffic cops appeared on the scene.

Over in that other clubhouse, the Phillies were reveling in the sudden disinterest in them.

"Let me ask you something," said a deeply interested Ryan Howard, who obviously is already planning a media career after he breaks Barry Bonds' home run record in another 15 years or so. "How much do you guys like this stuff? You guys are all in a frenzy, right?"

Oh, yeah. Absolutely. It's all about Barry.

For good measure, he gave the media a silent show, donning what can only be described as a bungee harness and pulling a trainer up and down the hallway. Forwards, backwards, sidewards and big-head first ... while the trainer offered smiling resistence.

See media, Barry really does work out hard.

Once outside, his reality show really kicked in with a batting practice that had the arriving fans going ooh, ahh, and generally reveling in their good fortune to be able to watch it all during what everybody expects is Bonds' last Philadelphia visit.

Well, maybe after Bud Selig asks him to retire, he'll come here to take in a game and talk to his buddy Cory Lidle.

For now, though, Barry's looking pumped up (sorry) for this game.


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