Sunday, May 07, 2006

As a followup to a couple of notorious signages from Friday night, those wacky young guys featuring the Michelin Man get up with a sign saying "Barry with San Fran," with his skinny buddy in Pirates drag and a sign saying "Barry with Pittsburgh" were back.

So was the long banner in left, albeit with an expanded message.

When Bonds went out to left field for the bottom of the first inning, fans in the stands unfurled a banner across three sections of seats that read, "Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer, Aaron did it with class. How did YOU do it?"
The eyes in the message were dotted with asterisks, and the O in YOU appeared to be a picture of a round face.

And now, back to the game...

Bobby Abreu's RBI single and Pat Burrell's homer deep into the hedges beyond the center field fence spotted the Phils to a 3-0 lead against Matt Morris, yet another graybeard on this old Giants team.

As for the Giants, they got on the board in the second on a home run by Mark Sweeney.


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