Friday, May 05, 2006

And now a word about our dearly departed players ... though Burrell is having problems with his taped up right leg, he left tonight with a lame left hamstring.

And even though the Phillies fans are trying hard to solidify their reputation was America's Most Unwanted stadium set, they issued a very classy ovation when Moises Alou left on a cart with what later was diagnosed as a sprained ankle.

As for those just coming in here in the seventh inning, is Rheal Cormier undergoing a renassaince? You know, I never could spell that word.

Anyway, Cormier, who came in with a 12.2 innings scoreless string, inherited a first- and second-base jam with no outs. He promptly turned a one-hopper into a double play, then got Mark Sweeney on a fly to left to bail out starter Gavin Floyd.

Nutty Tim Worrell just came in for the Giants to pitch the home half, and the King of Pop is scheduled to lead off the top of the eighth.


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