Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ah, sweet justice for the Bonds booers, as with runners at first and second and none out, a sharply hit grounder by Steve Finley hits Bonds on the foot as he was trying to jump over the ball.

The judges gave him a 6 for technical achievement and a 3 for artistic embellishment. The ump gave him an out.

Weirder yet was the next play, as a shot to short popped out of Jimmy Rollins' glove, but he picked the ball up to force Finley at second, then threw to third to get Pedro Feliz in a rundown.

All in all, it got Artie Rhodes out of trouble and left Bonds chuckling wryly in the dugout as he tried to back up the steps to trot to left.

Bonds then closed the Phillies' eight by shrugging off the Barry S(tinks) chants and catching a long fly by David Bell, which of course elicited boos.
But they quickly died down when Bonds flipped the ball into the crowd.



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