Thursday, October 06, 2005

Too much excitement?

Not only did we get caught up in all of the preseason hype and hoopla about the Flyers, it seems the players did too.

We haven't seen the boys since May 2004, when they lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to the eventual Stanley Cup-champion Tampa Bay Lightning (how many fans showed up for their parade?).

With the additions of Peter Forsberg, Darien Hatcher, Mike Rathje, Jeff Carter and Mike Richards among others, the anticipation was palpable. The Flyers and their fans were coming back with a vengeance. For the 2005-06 season, this was best group of players assembled. Oddsmakers were telling us to prepare Broad Street for the parade.

Oops, you have to play the games first. Rangers 5, Flyers 3. Let some of the air out of that balloon and let us all come back to earth for a moment. There is nothing like a little bit of reality (and Jaromir Jagr) to slap you in the face.

Once the Flyers get over themselves and realize that this is a long, long haul, they will be fine. They know where they stand on paper, what they have to figure out is where they skate on the ice. This is a group of players that does not know one another yet. That comes with time and games. When they figure out how to be a team, all will be well.