Friday, September 02, 2005

FredEx doesn't deliver ... again

Eagles coach Andy Reid had seen and heard enough and dumped the flamboyant, talent-challenged Freddie Mitchell after last season.

Today, Dick Vermiel did the same thing to Mitchell, before he played a regular season game for the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, before he played a preseason game. Mitchell had been injured in training camp, but chose not to have knee surgery, which most certainly would have protected a spot on the team.

Now that he has been released, Mitchell said that he would go have the surgery in hopes of rejoining the Chiefs, according to the Kansas City Star.

Freddie has a bad habit of making bad decisions and this is just another one.

Scoreboard watching

With each September game of the Phillies season, there is a great anxiety of what is going on between the lines and in stadiums across the land.

The days of questioning general manager Ed Wade and ownership are gone. The roster is set. It has been left to the players and manager Charlie Manuel to get this thing done.

It is like watching a heart monitor ... up ... down ... up ... down...

When you are not watching the Phils, you will be watching the scoreboards. Checking for the Marlins, Astros, Mets and Nationals.

The Phillies have the sportscape to themselves for the next week. The media magnifying glass turns to them as the Eagles make their final preparations for a regular season that begins Sept. 12.

What will that pressure mean to the Phils? Their history is to fold. Will it happen again?

Give me your thoughts.