Saturday, August 27, 2005

T.O. tweaked

Eagles coach Andy Reid said last night that Terrell Owens tweaked his groin again near the end of the first half.

This smells like a T.O. cover up so as not to have the disgruntled one participate in the 11th Annual Eagles Carnival and Auction at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. As it stands now, he is not scheduled to appear for autographs and that is probably a good thing.

"We'll see tomorrow," Reid said.

With reporters and fans flocking, it might be best for the Eagles to say T.O. is hurt and will not be participating. That would remove any risk of an embarrassing situation.

T.O. wasn't talking after the game, either. Dressed in an orange sweat suit, he had his headphones on and his back to reporters in the locker room. In the next locker, rookie Reggie Brown was glad to talk about his first touchdown reception. As the group invaded T.O.'s space, he politely moved over without saying a word or making any eye contact.