Friday, August 26, 2005

Quote of the night

From Bengals coach Marvin Lewis:

"We didn't come out flat. We got our head kicked in."

Relationship building

Coach Andy Reid had a smile on his face and it had nothing to do with the Eagles 27-17 win over the Bengals.

He wouldn't admit it in his postgame news conference, but you could tell from his expression he was very pleased by what happened on the first play of the game.

The 64-yard touchdown pass from Donovan McNabb to Terrell Owens was all about relationship building. The first step in a kiss-and-make-up scenario. The fact that six points went up on the scoreboard was just a bonus.

"It was great to get those two connected," Reid said after the game.

But the connection did not lead to verbal communication. The quarterback and receiver have made it clear they have nothing to say to one another and that was obvious on Friday night as the two kept their distance. But the results on the field told another story.

They were communicating. They were communicating as football players. Speaking to one another through football instinct. McNabb completed 14 of 23 passes for 256 yards in the first half and five of those balls went to T.O. for 131 yards and the touchdown.

"They will be fine," Reid said. "Sometimes actions speak louder than words."

Especially when those actions are scripted by the coach.

Kearse halftime quotes

From the Eagles:

On what it is like being back at Lincoln Financial Field:
“It’s always a great environment. It’s a good warm up for the regular season. Everyone is out here and it’s a sellout crowd and it’s time to bring it out now, instead of later.”

On flying around the field, getting in the backfield and hitting wide receivers in the open field:
“I’m just trying to do my job, whichever way I can, whichever way I can help the team and get this crowd going.”

On whether he feels good about the way the defense is playing:
“Hey, it’s a statement game, preseason or not. We are trying to make a statement for the rest of the world, so they can see that we are going to be the best defense.”

On how good it feels seeing DE N.D. Kalu out on the field:
“He’s very fresh. He’s good to go and has fresh legs. Hey, he’s making some sacks and making my job easier.”

Greg Lewis halftime quotes

From the Eagles:

On the one-handed grab he made for his touchdown:
"It was one of the moves in my bag of tricks I tried to pull out and give the crowd a little excitement. I wanted to sprinkle a little G-Lew in there."

On how it felt to be playing in front of the home crowd:
"Anytime you get to play out here in the Linc, in front of these fans who really care about football, it just feels good to go out and play how we played. It feels good."

On the offense's passing attack:
"I'm enjoying being a part of that. Everybody's getting involved and you just can't key on person. T.O.'s the headliner of the receiving corps and Reggie and myself try to get in where we can fit in. Westbrook and L.J. Smith get to spread it around, too. So pick your poison."

On McNabb's scrambling touchdown pass to Reggie Brown:
I talked about [Reggie] on his touchdown celebration. It was relatively wack. He had sort of a Harold Carmichael spike. I told him about that. Donovan scrambled and Reggie stayed alive on the play and got open and got in the endzone. I know it was a big play for him. I know he’s happy about it and get [his first touchdown] out of the way.”

Nothing to say

Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis had very little to say after the first half.

Four words.

When asked about his team's play ...

"We played very poorly,"

End of interview.

McNabb halftime quotes

Provided by the Eagles:

On the 68-yd touchdown pass to WR Terrell Owens:
“We had streak routes called. I was able to get a good fake from Brian Westbrook. I saw the mismatch with T.O. to the outside and I decided to take it. I tried to put it in a decent spot. He did an excellent job accelerating to the ball and scoring the touchdown.”

On his three touchdown passes in the first half:
"Well, I think we are showing progression. The offense is coming along, with the addition of having T.O. out there we are able to do a little bit more things and it makes it exciting right now."

On the way he had to scramble before throwing to WR Reggie Brown for a touchdown:
"Just trying to make a play, their defense ends got up field and I was able to step up in the pocket, buy time and Reggie did an excellent job of getting in the end zone."

On how the offensive line looked tonight:
"Offensive line is coming along. Obviously as a unit we want to continue to execute. Tra [Thomas] came out and looked good, he stepped out. And then Todd [Herremans] came in to fill in the spot, he's doing an excellent job."

On running the ball.
"Hey, we were able to pick up some yards, but it's tough in the preseason when you are trying to run the ball because you focus on passing and getting your timing so much."

Eagles-Bengals 2nd quarter update

After an incompletion to Brian Westbrook, Donovan McNabb hits Greg Lewis for 16 yards, L.J. Smith for 29 and Terrell Owens for 24 in the first series of the second quarter. A sack and a holding penalty move the Eagles from the Bengals 7-yard line to the 27. That didn't matter. McNabb found Greg Lewis for a 20-yard gain and then hit rookie Reggie Brown for a 8-yard TD pass after scrambling out of trouble. Eagles, 17-3.

On the next possession, after a Ryan Moats run, McNabb hits Owens on two straight passes for seven yards. The drive stalls and Akers kicks a field goal. Eagles, 20-3.

The Eagles get the ball back with 1:48 left on the Bengals 41-yard line. McNabb goes to Greg Lewis for 9 yards and two plays later hits Lewis again on a 27-yard TD pass. Lewis pulled it in one-handed. Eagles, 27-3

McNabb's first half line:
Attempts: 23
Comppletions: 14
Yards: 256
Yds/Att: 11.1
Sacks/Yds: 2/15
TD: 3
Long: 64
Int: 0
Rating: 138.8

T.O.'s line:
Catches: 5
Yards: 131
Avg. 26.2
Long: 64
TD: 1

Greg Lewis's line:
Catches: 4
Yards: 72
Avg. 18
Long: 27
TD: 1

Message board reaction

Checking out the live game thread on and John Runyan Jersey had this offer:

Sounds like a good start.


Teeeee Ohhhhh Teeeeeee Ohhhhhhhhh, TO, TO.

We're back.......

Eagles-Bengals 1st quarter update

After two possessions, T.O. had two catches for 95 yards and a touchdown. He almost had a second TD, but caught the ball out of the end zone, forcing a David Akers field goal. Eagles lead, 10-0.

On the third possession, McNabb did not look to Owens, instead throwing an incompletion to tight end L.J. Smith and taking a sack.

On the fourth possession, Brian Westbrook was showcased, running three times for 9 yards and catching a pass for 6 more. McNabb does not look sharp, throwing behind Owens and Reggie Brown, leading to a punt.

OT Tra Thomas leaves the game with a lower back injury.

McNabb to T.O. for a touchdown

If there was ever a doubt whether Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens can play together on field, it was erased on the first play from scrimmage Friday night. McNabb hit his disgruntled receiver on a 64-yard post pattern down the right side for a touchdown.

Forget the boos, they never happened. An excited crowd exploded as T.O. made the catch around the Bengals 20-yard line and ran it in.

McNabb pointed down the field to acknowledge the receiver, but the two never came together to celebrate the score, going their separate ways.

At the Linc

It's great to be back at the Linc, even if it is a preseason game against the Bengals.

On the way in to the stadium, it was clear to me that most fans left their T.O. jerseys at home. There were a couple, but nothing like last year at this time when the placed was filled with them.

If that is the case, I expect fans to let him have it early in the game. The boos will rain down.