Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Andy Reid news conference

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This from the Eagles:

Andy Reid press conference


“[RB] Correll Buckhalter did not practice today. We are getting the swelling out of that knee. It’s not completely out, but we are getting it down. He is rehabbing that knee and he is going to do that for a week, then be reevaluated. [DE] Trent Cole has a sprain of the sternum area, just below the clavicle area. We are going to have an MRI done today and we will know a little bit more, later this afternoon. [DT] Paul Grasmanis has a foot sprain. It is not a lisfranc injury, which we thought it might be. It is on the tendon next to that and it might take a week or two to get that thing back. The positive news is that it is not a lisfranc. [DE] Jamaal Green also has a foot strain and is making progress. He’s getting better. We are playing on the side of caution. We tried it before and it didn’t work, so we don’t want to put him in a bad position. [C] Jamaal Jackson is improving with his tricep tear. He did not have surgery on that. He’s been rehabbing it and it is getting stronger. We are optimistic, but we are not sure exactly how long it will be. [LB] Mike Labinjo had a MCL sprain of the knee and that is a day to day situation. [FB] Jon Ritchie had a knee contusion on the surgically repaired knee. It is swollen up and we will see when the swelling goes down exactly how that is. [CB] Matt Ware has an infection in the toe. It is actually on the bottom of the big toe. He had to have it lacerated and drained, so we will see how that goes. The problem is that it is on that toe and when he walks it affects it. [CB] Sheldon Brown collided with [WR Terrell Owens] T.O. this morning, towards the end of practice, and has a laceration on his leg. He should be fine.”

Opening remarks:
“All and all it was a good practice. I was happy with the way that guys came out and practiced. It was aggressive, we had some contact upfront and we banged it around a little bit. T.O. and I did get together this morning. I’m obviously not going to get into details. I’ll keep that between T.O. and myself. I’m not going to comment any further on that. He did go out and practice today and did a nice job. He worked very hard.”

On whether it was just him and T.O.:
“It was myself and T.O., yes.”

On whether he would call it fruitful:
“Fruitful? It was a good meeting.”

On how long the two of them met:
“For a few minutes. I didn’t time it.”

On whether it is safe to assume that he heard what he wanted to hear:
“He practiced and he practiced well. He did a great job out there.”

On what about the meeting made it good:
“You guys are wedging in on this. I’m not going into all of that. You are doing a nice job though.”

On whether he is going to play this week:
“We will see. You saw that I limited his reps today. I’m not going to get into a situation where we re-aggravate that groin. I kept close track of that and made sure that I communicated with him out there to see how he was feeling. We did limit it a bit. We will see how he feels.”

On whether a healing process needs to take place:
“We are going to take it day by day and see how things go. That’s the approach that we are taking. It’s good to have him out there today and working.”

On whether he wanted to see T.O. talking to teammates at practice:
“He was fine today. I would expect him to be like that.”

On whether he feels the need to talk to other players about the situation:
“On what we met on, no.”

On feeling the need to talk to other players about anything involving T.O.:
“I keep open communication with the players, so we will handle it in house. That’s the way we are going to approach it. We always have and that’s how we will do it.”

On whether he feels T.O. can be a non-disruptive force the rest of the season:
“Yeah, he needs to work hard like he did. The coaches will coach him and he’ll play. He wants to know what he is doing wrong. That is what he wants to know. I’ve said this about other great athletes, they want you to talk to them and get them the information they need so they can be greater than what they are. That is what we are doing.”

On whether T.O. needs to reconcile with him for his actions:
“Again, I’m not going to get into all of that. That is in-house information.”

On whether T.O. needs to meet with offensive coordinator Brad Childress and other players:

Donovan McNabb news conference

This comes from the Eagles.

Donovan McNabb Press Conference

On whether he and WR Terrell Owens have had a chance to talk about the meaning of a hypocrite:
“No, we haven’t. I’m not looking forward to that either.”

On whether he thinks T.O. owes him an apology:
“I’m just playing football, that’s all.”

On him and T.O. bantering back an forth at practice:
“Practice went well, practice went well. We were able to execute in the passing game and the running game. Guys made some plays out there and just a pretty good feeling out there.”

On whether this whole thing is over:
“It has been over for me. It’s just the preseason has started. Now it is time to play football.”

On whether he senses tension in the locker room:
“No. I have the sense that there is a lot of humor in the locker room. Guys are relaxing, just excited about the preseason starting up, finally get a chance to get out on the field versus someone else, work on all key points of points of being a good team and just anticipating the next opportunity to get on the field.”

On whether anything is different with T.O. this week:
“I don’t sense anything as far as getting out there on that football field and working and that is the thing that I look it. I think he works hard out there on the field; we were able to make some big plays. All of the other guys made some big catches out at practice versus our defense. It’s just a good thing going on right now.”

On whether he is happy T.O. is back:
“I am happy all of our guys are back. Once [DT] Corey Simon gets back, the whole unit will be formed and we can start this thing up.”

On whether he thinks there is any awkwardness standing in the huddle with T.O. since he was openly critical:
“No. If you are openly critical or you just kind of criticize on your own, or criticize someone with your friends, it doesn’t matter. You are still criticizing. When we are on that football field, we are here to work; we are here to do a job. Anything other than that, I can’t help you out.”

On whether he thinks this whole situation has forced players in the locker room to take sides:
“I don’t think so. I think this whole issue has made us stronger. I think this whole issue has made people realize a lot of different things, a lot of key points. If guys take sides, I couldn’t really speak for them on that. But, I know one thing; guys are taking the side of giving all that they have, effort, giving all that they have as far as work ethic is concerned to go out and win games.”

On how this issue has made the team stronger:
“I think for a lot of us, obviously the anticipation of this year before things started up. Guys realize the things that we may be faced with and I don’t think this is something that we prepared ourselves for. But, I think guys realize that any little thing could try to break up a good relationship and that is something that has made us closer to erase that, focus in on what we have to do and go out and kind of quiet the critics.”

On whether he finds it hard to believe that he is still talking about this issue:
“No. It seems like every time I change the channel there is something on about the Eagles or me or T.O. or whoever. But, again, it is quite humorous to me. I didn’t think the preseason would draw so much attention, especially coming into work.”

On whether the media circus frustrates him:
“Again, I am just excited about finally getting a part in Days of Our Lives, not that I was a real big fan of the soap operas back in the day. But, it’s a good part, it’s special. Tell my kids about it.”

On whether he has any uneasiness that T.O. will explode again:
“Again, I don’t even focus on that and really that is none of my concern. But, I know when I’m on that football field I am concerned about all 11 players, including myself, and of us making the right things.”

On whether he thinks there will come a point that he will need to communicate with T.O. on the field:
“I think it’s going to happen. I look forward to it happening. But, again, when we get to that situation, then that’s when we will handle it. I think what we are doing right now is easing into everything and just going out and working, trying to answer some of the questions one of us may have and then be able to work in the confines of our own football field.”

On whether he is aware that FS Brian Dawkins and LB Jeremiah Trotter are being portrayed as the peacemakers:
“It’s funny how you watch on TV and it seems like everybody knows more than you do. Trot and Dawk are my roommates, so for everybody to be talking about what Trot and Dawk are doing, for me to be the roommate, I would at least get a chance to know that first. And we’ve talked and there is a lot of stuff that is out there that no one has even talked about.”

On why he chooses to be amused rather than angry:
“I choose to be amused because I have a job to do and I won’t let one person or one thing take me away from one of my goals and my goal is to win the Super Bowl. In order for me to do that, I have to make sure that I am clicking on all cylinders, make sure I am focused on the task at hand, and make sure that I can get all 11 guys in the right positions. So, I can’t focus on what people are saying on the outside or take time out of a series or take time out of practice to dwell on what’s been negative in the past couple of days. Again, I find everything humorous because in everything that you hear or do, it’s something that you learn from. People may say, ‘you handled it a little bit differently,’ everyone handles it a little different. Some people get a little upset, some people get quiet; I kind of do everything. But, again, I realize what my job is and that all other 52 players, or however many players we got now, kind of respect the fact that I handle it that way and that is the way I am going to continue to handle it.”

On whether he thinks he and T.O. can comfortably sit in the same room and talk about football:
“I would be able to sit right next to him.”

On whether he has put faith in head coach Andy Reid in that he wouldn’t send T.O. back out on the field unless it was going to work:
“He’s still a part of this team, gentlemen and ladies. Understand that he is our teammate and for whatever happened last week and whatever happened while we were preparing for Pittsburgh, we knew that he was coming back to be a part of this team. He is still under contract here, he still has his locker in our locker room, he still wears his jersey. When he came back, he was coming back to be a part of this team. So, when he came out to practice it wasn’t like I wasn’t looking to throw him a pass or trying to set a statement. When I am out there on that football field, if you are open, you get the ball. I’m going through my reading, going through my progressions, and doing what I have to do in order for this team to be successful.”

On whether he thinks T.O. will be here this whole season:
“I think so. I think by midseason, you guys will be talking about something positive, when this team is rolling.”

On how the young receivers are handling everything:
“They are doing great, thanks.”

Brian Dawkins news conference

This comes from the Eagles:

FS Brian Dawkins Press Conference


On whether he will be meeting with Head Coach Andy Reid or any veterans about WR Terrell Owens:
“No. At this point, Andy has talked to Terrell and that’s what’s going to be done at this point right now.”

On whether he has talked to T.O.:
“I said, ‘What’s happening dawg,’ like I always do. There’s enough going on right now for me to pull him aside. I said, ‘What’s going on dawg? How’s everything?’ And then I went out to practice.”

On whether the chapter has closed on the T.O. situation now that Coach Reid met with him today:
“It’s not going to be a closed chapter because, let’s be honest, you’re going to always ask us questions about it. It’s never going to be a closed chapter as far as talking about it. But as far as me, and in-house, it’s a closed chapter. You can only deal with things as they come up. You can worry about things that have happened.”

On whether he saw an attitude change in T.O. today:
“Like I’ve always said, I can only go by what happens when I’m around him, or when I see him around myself or whoever else. He was laughing before. Every time you see him, he’s not going to be laughing, just like I’m not laughing. Well I take that back. I’m used to laughing all the time, but he’s not going to be laughing all the time, or joking all of the time. So, I don’t see any difference in that.”

On whether he and LB Jeremiah Trotter were behind the scenes trying to cool the situation with T.O.:
“No. It wasn’t like I was with Andy, meeting everyday with Andy, meeting with Terrell and trying to make them shake hands. That’s not the way it works. You have two grown men with differences of opinion and it’s something that happened. And they talked it out. That’s usually how things work when you have two willing parties to go out and talk. And that’s what they did when he got back.”

On whether Coach Reid is the only person T.O. needs to talk to:
“I can only control what I control. As far as two individuals and whether they are going to talk or not, that’s something that I can’t control right now.”

On whether this is as odd a situation he has come across:
“Oh yeah, just a tad bit. As far as talking to you guys, this is nothing new. I mean we went to the Super Bowl last year, so you can’t get any more odd than that as far as the coverage. To have the things that have happened this offseason and going into training camp, it has been a lot different than anything I’ve experienced.”

On whether today was a distraction:
“No. Like I’ve always said, it’s only a distraction if you let it be. When the cameras are outside, the people are outside with the signs or whatever, you drive through and you go to practice. You’ve got the airplanes up. It’s not something I haven’t seen before. I haven’t seen them in this type of situation, but these are things that have happened before. It’s nothing new. So you just take it for what it is and understand that this is a situation where you have a star receiver, one of the best at what he does, a lot of media attention. But none of that changes what we do on the field. And through all of this, what I think is kind of getting lost a little bit, is the fact that we’re trying to push for another Super Bowl. And that’s what we’re focused on. All of this stuff, it has to be talked about. It’s something that happened. But at the same time, we’re trying to focus on what we have to do to get back to the Super Bowl and win it. Everything else will be handled how it needs to be handled.”

On whether he has noticed the young guys who haven’t been through something like this act wide-eyed about the situation:
“Well, for the most part, when you think about rookies, and I can kind of remember when I was a rookie, you’re thinking about not making mistakes. You’re thinking about trying to make a play when a play comes your way. You’re thinking about not missing tackles defensively and catching the ball as receivers. So, when you have a young guy, he has enough to think about or worry about, if you will, than to think about what’s going on here. So all we have to do as veterans is go out and do what we do everyday. That’s take the practice field, practice hard, look at films, where you need to be, and be honest with yourself when you’re evaluating your practices. And that’s what we do.”

On whether too much is being made of the T.O. situation entirely:
“We’re in Philadelphia man. I mean, what is too much? Really, what is too much? It’s something to talk about. It’s coverage and you guys are going to do your job. As far as me, yeah. But to you guys, probably not.”

On whether he can honestly say that T.O. will not be a disruption to this football team this season:
“Like I said, I can only control what I control. And what I control is how I take the field and what I do as an individual. I can’t sit here and try to tell you what Terrell is going to do. Only Terrell knows what he is going to do. And all I can do is concentrate on what’s going ahead right now. They’ve already met. He’s come to practice. He’s practiced and when I spoke to him, he said, ‘What’s happening?’ So, all I can do is concentrate on that. I can’t sit here and look in the future and say, ‘Watch now. In game 5 I have an idea…’. No, that’s not how this thing works.”

On whether teammates will be cautious to approach T.O. now that he has alienated people on national television:
“Your guess is as good as mine how that’s going to go. Once again, that’s for guys to work out how they’re going to handle the situation. I can’t go individually to each guy and say, ‘Hey, you need to do this. You need to do that.’ That’s not the way this thing works. You have to just wait and see how this thing plays out. I’m hoping and praying that nothing else breaks out. I’m going to leave it at that. I’m not going to say, ‘but.’ I’m going to leave it at that.”

Andy Reid on Owens

Eagles coach Andy Reid addressed the media and said he had a "good" meeting with disgruntled receiver Terrell Owens.

He said that T.O. worked hard in practice, but had to stop for a while to work on his groin with a trainer. Broadcast reports said he did come back to practice.

Reid was not ready to commit on Owens playing Saturday night against the Ravens because of the groin injury.

Phillies doubleheader information

This from the Phillies. I like the note at the end that points out the Phillies are 5-1 in three doubheaders at Citzens Bank Park.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005



Tuesday night’s (August 16) rained out game against Washington has been rescheduled as a 1:05 p.m. game on Thursday, August 18, as part of a day-night doubleheader. The regularly scheduled game for Thursday will remain a 7:05 p.m. start. Each game is a separate admission.

Tuesday night’s tickets will be honored for Thursday’s 1:05 game. Or, fans may exchange Tuesday’s tickets for any future game at Citizens Bank Park this season.

Tickets are currently on sale for both games tomorrow in person at the Citizens Bank Park ticket windows, the Phone Center (215-463-1000) or online at

Gate openings

All four gates at Citizens Bank Park will open at noon for the 1:05 p.m. game on Thursday.

For the 7:05 p.m. game, all four gates will open at 5:35 p.m.

Probable pitchers

Vicente Padilla (5-11, 4.65 ERA) will oppose Tony Armas Jr. (7-5, 4.33) in the 1:05 p.m. game.

Cory Lidle (9-10, 4.61) will oppose Ryan Drese (3-6, 4.69) in the 7:05 p.m. game.


Comcast SportsNet will televise the afternoon game with UPN 57 carrying the night game as originally scheduled.

DH history

Tomorrow is the fourth doubleheader since Citizens Bank Park opened a year ago, the second day/night DH. Other doubleheaders:

**June 17, 2004 vs. Detroit (day/night)

W 6-2 (Myers/Maroth)

L 5-4 (Urbina/Madson)

**September 29, 2004 vs. Pittsburgh (Twi-night doubleheader)

W 8-4 (Padilla/Snell)

W 8-3 (Myers/Torres)

**June 4, 2005 vs. Arizona (TWN)

W 10-6 (Padilla/Vazquez)

W 5-3 (Myers/Ortiz)

T.O. morning update

Terrell Owens is back. He reported this morning, met with coach Andy Reid, and is on the practice field. Reports from the Eagles NovaCare complex are that he is smiling and interacting with other players.

Is it over? Only T.O. knows for sure.

If anything, the media has been thorough in covering the scene this morning. There were helicopters and cars following Owens from his New Jersey home to NovaCare. WIP radio's morning team characterized it as watching the O.J. Simpson car chase in 1994.

He arrived wearing the fatigue shirt and headphones again, but did not say anything to the media upon his arrival. Maybe that means he is going to be a good soldier.

I will update later after scheduled daily news conferences.

Barry Bonds letter to fans

USA Today is reporting today that San Francisco Giants manager Felipe Alou is cautiously optimistic that slugger Barry Bonds will return to the team in September.

He learned of this news from Barry Bonds personal Web site.

Isn't that ridiculous. Barry couldn't pick up the phone and give his manager the update himself?

Here is the letter to fans from his site:

Hello Fans,

Two weeks ago things didn't look too promising, but the past 10 days my rehab has taken a turn for the better. My strength and endurance have increased and my knee is feeling much better. I have been playing catch and in the next few weeks I hope to be in the cage doing some hitting. There is a good possibility that I could be back in September with the team, but, if not, I will definitely be in the 2006 lineup. With that being said, I will continue to stand behind Dr. Yocum and Clyde Brewster's professional advice. On another good note, Dr. Yucom ran my blood work. It came back negative. They have been testing the torque on my right leg and the levels are good. This is one more reason why I feel that my return is possible this season.
I would like to say hi and thank you to the Majestic team who has been working hard on my 2006 apparel line. As soon as I receive my samples I will take pictures to show you the new designs. To all the fans and collectors out there, thank you so much for all your suggestions about my site's store and for your requests to make some of my older authentic memorabilia available. I have started a new section in my e-store called the Barry Bonds Clubhouse Collection. This a series of game-used, game-issued and other unique items that come from my personal storage facility where I keep everything I have collected throughout my career. Contrary to all the fake and forged products out there in the market that claim to be from me, the truth is that I have kept the majority of all my game-used equipment from my career. The BBCC will allow fans and collectors to order items directly from me that are authenticated with my new tamper-proof holograms, the MLB holograms, along with a special hand signed and notarized COA. Ensuring the item's authenticity will never be in question. I tried to make sure there was something for everyone, but most of all to give my fans a trusted source for authentic memorabilia and collectibles.

At the Friday August 5th game, I had the opportunity to host some really special people in my suite at the ballpark. I would like to send a special thank you to Barbara Ralston and Dr. Jane Huang who helped coordinate the evening, along with Stanford University Medical Center, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House. I was honored to be able to give these kids an opportunity to forget about their sickness and really enjoy themselves. I would like to share a little of the email that was sent to me:

"Dear Barry,

...I cannot tell you what a happy and poignant experience Friday night was. The kids who attended the game were all from places other than the Bay Area (Hawaii, New York, Wyoming), who had come to Stanford for treatment. They were just so in awe that they had a connection to you. All the kids had a great time, especially the oldest one, who idolizes you and who was going to be admitted back to the hospital for another rough round of chemo right after the game. It really distracted him from his anxiety about what was going to happen to him -- again.

It was an incredible experience for me to help the kids get away from their pain for a night. Thanks forever for allowing me to participate. They won everyone's hearts, and so did you. ...

Thanks ever, Barbara"

Keep those emails coming,

Barry Bonds