Thursday, August 11, 2005

The plan is clear

As Terrell Owens hits the local (Ch. 6) and national (ESPN) airwaves tonight to slam coach Andy Reid and teammate Donovan McNabb, it is clear he has a plan: Be such a pain in the butt that there is no way the Eagles can bring him back.

This was the plan all along. He told the Inquirer's Stephen A. Smith a couple of weeks ago that he was going to go to camp and threatened to be a distraction. All of that is true.

Think about it. Report to camp as a martyr. Fake an injury and sit out a few practices. Tell the team and fans that you are not signing any autographs. Fight with the coach and get thrown out of camp.

Perfect. (Insert evil laugh, here)

He has forced Reid's hand into sending him home (not a suspension, says the Eagles) for a week and there are some of us believe that he won't be back. Reid said today that he wants to meet with Owens before letting him on the field next Wednesday.

That conversation, if it even takes place, will not be pleasant. Not if T.O. keeps attacking with brutal precision.

A week ago, it looked like the Eagles had the upper hand. Today, Owens may have taken the advantage.'s update

Inquirer sports writer Keith Pompey spoke with Terrell Owens at his home earlier today and the receiver admitted to having a verbal altercation Tuesday with offensive coordinator Brad Childress.

When asked if he told Childress not to speak to him unless Owens spoke to him first, Owens replied, "Exactly, I did say that, I am an honest person. I did say that."

He said that [Childress] was "antagonizing me. He was not talking to me in a business setting."

Owens, his agent Drew Rosenhaus and two other men got into two cars and left the property in the early afternoon. Rosenhaus left in one vehicle with his brother and Owens was in his green truck with an unidentified man.

Rosenhaus had arrived at Owens' home a little before 11 a.m. and went inside.

Back at camp, coach Andy Reid addressed the media this morning, confirming that he sent Owens home over an "in-house dispute."

"I did send him home. He's expected to return next Wednesday," Reid said. "It's in-house business and it's going to stay in house. I'll work it out with T.O. I'm not going to sit here and turn it into a bash session."