Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Eagles aches and pains

From Eagles coach Andy Reid's news conference Wednesday on

Injuries: "[LB] Matt McCoy did not practice today. He has a slight sprain of the MCL and it is day-to-day. [C] Jamaal Jackson had a slight tear of his tricep; it is going to take a little bit of time and we're going to check it out and see where we are at with it.
"[RB] Correll Buckhalter was affected by the heat; he was out for a few plays, came back in and did well at the end. [DT] Sam Rayburn hyper extended his elbow, again which is a day to day situation, I don't think it's too bad. [WR] Greg Lewis had cramps and came back. [CB] Lito Shepard was also affected by the heat.

Finally, Forsberg

By now you know it's true. The Flyers have signed free-agent Peter Forsberg to a two-year contract. The terms have not been announced, but it looks like somewhere between $11 million and $12 million.

The rumors of Jeremy Roenick being dealt to Los Angeles were a bit premature. The Flyers have said a deal has not been completed, but it is still expected. It could be Phoenix, rather than Los Angeles.

Forsberg, generally regarded as the best player in the world, has gotten Flyers' nation all excited. That's one way to make fans forget about the lockout and the lost season.

Check it out:

From jammer2 on the Flyers discussion board: "all true...seen it on a few stations that have confirmed it all...the signing for 2 years of Forsburg and the trade of J.R. .....this is great .....beyond great...dancing around the living room on cloud nine..."

From neilpeart: "I just saw the official announcment. We must parlay this into a championship. Boy, will that make the pain of no hockey for a whole year go away."

From flyercanuck: "This is EFFIN great!!!WAHOO!! Stanley, come to papa!!!"

From NTP66: "There's only one thing for certain: I'm breaking out the plastic and buying season tickets tomorrow!"

Where in the world is Bobby Abreu?

As the Phillies continue to tread water in the National League wild-card race, it is worth noting that Bobby Abreu has yet not returned from the July 12 All-Star game in Detroit.

Yes, he's in right field for the Phillies, but he has been invisible at the plate since hitting 4,000 dingers (actually 41) in the Home Run Derby last month. The beef against Abreu has always been that he does not hit in the clutch.

Well, he was clutch in winning the Home Run Derby, but in the end those numbers don't matter at all.

What matters is the .233 batting average, no homers and four RBI since the all-star break when the team needs him most.

No wonder the Phillies aren't making a move in the standings.

Boos and cheers

Thousands of Eagles fans turned out at Lehigh this morning for the first public practice with all the veterans.

And, as expected, greeted Terrell Owens with cheers and jeers. The Philadelphia faithful booed heartily when T.O. took the field.

Before practice began, T.O. once again kept to himself, shooting baskets on nearby court, wearing his headphones. Reporters were waiting for any sign he might bust out and start talking, but the star receiver is keeping to the code of silence.

Eagles management and agent Drew Rosenhaus have to be pleased by that.

Listen to Inquirer reporter Marc Narducci's audio report from the morning practice at Lehigh.

Mark your calendar

The Washington Post reports that the Baltimore Orioles have scheduled a celebration on Aug. 14 to honor Rafael Palmeiro and his historic 3,000th hit.

Spiro P. Alafassos, the Orioles executive director of communications, told The Post that at this point the celebration will go on as scheduled.

"As of right now there is no change," Alafassos said.

It comes three days after Palmeiro's suspension is due to end.

Talk about uncomfortable moments. Maybe Raffy can tell us again how he does not know how the steroid got in his body. I know I'll be watching. It is scheduled to be on national TV.

Bet here is it gets canceled.