Friday, October 07, 2005

NFL Power Rankings--Week 5

Here are this week's NFL power rankings and after you are finished, please listen to the Eagles podcast at

1. Colts (2005 record: 4-0, Last week: No. 1): And now the offense kicks in. The defense has been great four weeks in a row.

2. Eagles (3-1, No. 3): An outstanding comeback win against the Chiefs, followed by a road game in Dallas. Donovan McNabb is hurting, but posting big numbers, anyway.

3. Steelers (2-1, No. 4): Coming off the bye week, the Steelers get a tough test at San Diego.

4. Falcons (3-1, No. 5): The Falcons continue to flex their muscles in the NFC with a win over the Vikings. Next up are the Patriots.

5. Bengals (4-0, No. 6): The Bengals are back. Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson and Chad Johnson making a name. Get a prime-time test in Jacksonville this week.

6. Buccaneers (4-0, No. 7): It wasn't pretty against Detriot, but the Bucs are perfect. Go to New Jersey to face the Jets.

7. Chargers (2-2, No. 9): Back to .500 with a road win in New England. For their reward they get the Steelers.

8. Patriots (2-2, No. 2): It could be a long season for the injury-riddled Patriots. At Atlanta this week.

9. Redskins (3-0, No. 18): Don't think they will be in the Top 10 very long, but they are here now. At Denver.

10. Broncos (3-1, No. 11): Another good road win at Jacksonville and the Broncos are showing signs of a playoff team.

11. Giants (3-1, No. 13): Eli Manning strutting his stuff against the Rams in a 44-24 win. Great offensive balace. Bye week.

12. Panthers (2-2, No. 14): Held off a wounded Packers team and Brett Favre. Still uncertain where this team is after four games. At Arizona.

13. Seahawks (2-2, No. 8): Same old Seahawks. Look good at home and lose stupid on the road.

14. Jaguars (2-2, No. 10): Lost at home to Denver and need to redeem themselves against the undefeated Bengals.

15. Chiefs (2-2, No. 12): Kansas City is improved over last year, but no match for the elite. Should have beaten the Eagles.

16. Cowboys (2-2, No. 15): Dallas fell in the trap against Oakland so it should be very hungry for a banged up Eagles team.

17. Dolphins (2-1. No. 19): Coming off the bye week with a road game in Buffalo. Nick Saban's guys should win this.

18. Ravens: (1-2, No. 22): The Ravens chewed up a struggling Jets offense. Need another win at Detroit.

19. Saints (2-2, No. 23): A win in their home-away-from-home San Antonio. It must have felt good to hear some cheers. Now they need to add to the Packers woes.

20. Rams (2-2, No. 16): Coach Mike Martz has infection in his heart. So does his team. Should beat the Seahawks because they are on the road.

21. Vikings (1-3, No. 17): Vikings have a bye to prepare for what looks like an ugly season. Mike Tice can't survive this.

22. Bills (1-3, No. 20): A chance to help themselves in the division with the Dolphins coming in. A quarterback change?

23. Bears (1-2, No. 24): Coming off the bye week, the Bears should get back on track against the Browns.

24. Cardinals (1-3, No. 27): Nothing like a home game in Mexico City to get you fired up. Beating Carolina would go a long way in helping things.

25. Raiders: (1-3, No. 29): Oakland had the Cowboys right where it wanted them. After a bye this week, the schedule has to get better.

26. Jets (1-3, No. 21): Vinny Testaverde will be under center when the Jets lose to Tampa Bay on Sunday.

27. Browns (1-2, No. 26): Coming off the bye, Cleveland has a winnable game against the Bears.

28. Titans (1-3, No. 25): After losing to the Colts, the Texans have to look good to Tennessee. Could be a trap.

29. Lions (1-3, No. 28): There is too much talent on this team to be bringing up the rear. The ravenous Ravens are next.

30. Texans (0-3. No. 30): The Texans have to be looking at the Titans this week and saying, "Hey, we can win this game."

31. San Francisco (1-3, No. 31): The Alex Smith-era begins now. Mr. Smith meet Mr. Freeney. Colts win VERY big.

32. Packers (0-4, No. 32): No offensive line, no defense. Ahman Green might as well be invisible. What is Brett Favre to do? Beat the Saint, of course.


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