Monday, October 10, 2005

Eagles Quick Hits

It was ugly, no matter how you look at it.

The Eagles had 129 total yards of offense on 43 plays compared to 456 yards on 81 plays for the Cowboys.

Special teams matter. The Eagles had 11 possessions and with an average starting field position of their own 21-yard line. The Cowboys average starting field position was their own 38.5.

Where in the world was Jevon Kearse? He had only one tackle yesterday and that was an assist. It was the fewest of any defensive starter.

And what about Brian Westbrook? As a runner, he has been ineffective much of the season. Could this be the reason he has not yet received a new contract from the team.

Corner back Lito Sheppard had nine tackles, tied for the team lead, but he was beaten regularly by Cowboys receiver Terry Glenn and called for a couple bad penalties.

For the first time this season, receiver Terrell Owens looked frustrated, but he still was the leading receiver with five catches for 50 yards. He spoke loudly after the game, wearing a Cowboys' Michael Irvin throwback jersey for the trip home.

The NFC East is a log jam with the Giants and Redskins at 3-1 and the Eagles and Cowboys at 3-2.

All of a sudden, the Eagles schedule looks a lot tougher. After the bye week, they play the Chargers, Broncos, Redskins and Cowboys. I see no better than 2-2.

Time of possession: Cowboys-40:43, Eagles-19:17. More than 2-1. Wow.

Dirk Johnson might have earned a Pro Bowl spot yesterday, averaging 47.3 yards on eight punts.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger PSNP said...

At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Eagles are done! ... They've played through their talent cycle ... Expect more of the same ... Terrell Owens is a complete jerk and a bigger headache than Andy Reid bargained for. ... Philly would have been much better off signing two or three FA at other positions. --- Ed Maloney

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Westbrook has 4.2 yards per carry, but only 55 carries. Compare that to the 2nd best rusher in the league, Edgerrin James, who has 4.4ypc, but 119 carries. Its specious reasoning to argue that Westbrook is an unproductive RB simply because he only has 231 yards.

And as everyone knows, with Westbrook you are going to get significant receiving yards (292 so far). He's the only RB in the top 40.

This brings him to 523 total yards, which places him in the top 5-10 backs in the league.

But he is not even in the top 30 in rushing who's fault is that? If anything, the statistics show that the team is holding Westbrook back from running. To reverse your logic, maybe they are specifically not running him so that they don't have to pay him?

And Ed Maloney is a product of absurd media coverage of the TO affair. How can you blame the most productive receiver in the league (after last game and McNabb's dismal effort he is stil second in overall yards) for the struggles of the team. Get it straight Ed Maloney, the TO situation was overblown to cover the lack of activity securing free-agents to replace significant losses or shortcomings in our defensive line, LB corps, Special teams, Receiving corps, and RB's. TO IS NOT THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Furthermore, if we consider total yards, then the top 5 RB's shake out this way:

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