Tuesday, October 04, 2005

'Cholly's' back

If you were looking for the Phillies to fire general manager Ed Wade, this is not a good sign. This came from the Phils earlier today:

The Phillies’ major league coaching staff will all be returning for the 2006 season, General Manager Ed Wade announced today.

Mick Billmeyer (catching), Marc Bombard (first base), Bill Dancy (third base), Rich Dubee (pitching), Ramon Henderson (bullpen), Milt Thompson (hitting) and Gary Varsho (bench) will remain on manager Charlie Manuel’s staff.

The following staff members will not have their contracts renewed for the 2006 season: major league scout Jimmy Stewart, double-A manager Steve Swisher and Dominican Summer League coaches Marcos Mejia and Leandro Fajardo.

You have to figure if Wade was on the chopping block, he would not have been allowed to make these moves.


At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wade must go before he trades ryan howard!

At 2:22 PM, Blogger GS Hill said...

I thought that Charley Manuel did quite nicely with this year's Phillies, especially by his patient development of young talent (Howard, Utley, Tejeda, and Burrell). I really dislike the use of "Cholly" or "Jolly Cholly" because it strikes me as making fun of a man who is (1) a very fine human being, and (2) a very capable coach. I am sure that Manuel has a weakness or two. So does Coach Reid. So does every coach. But he has a lot of countervailing strengths, and we fans (and media) ought to treat him with more respect.


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