Monday, September 05, 2005

Speaking of Welbourn

Headline: Welbourn suspended four games for steroids.

And he, like Rafael Palmeiro, doesn't know how they got into his system.

It must be some sort of insanity plea.

According to the Kansas City Star Web site, Welbourn said, “I’m not very happy about it," and refused to comment further.

Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil said: “It hurts him, and it hurts us. It’s a shame. I believe him. He appealed it and didn’t win the appeal. He passed a lie-detector test, but he didn’t win the appeal. He fought it, and he lost. It doesn’t matter if it was taken accidentally or something was in something he took that wasn’t marked on the bottle. It doesn’t matter. There’s no tolerance, and we’ll have to live with that."

Another former Eagle that coach Andy Reid can smile about.


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