Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pro and con on Donovan

I thought the Jeremiah Trotter incident would be the most talked about item in the realm of Monday morning quarterbacks.

I was wrong. That seems to happen a lot this time of year. Check my predictions.

Donovan McNabb (Right, photo by Jerry Lodriguess/Inquirer Staff Photographer) is the center of your attention. The passion play that is called the Eagles season has just finished Act 1 and there are two sides that have formed around No. 5.

One side is those of you that rip the quarterback for his not running and lack of consistency.

On the other side are those that defend him.

Both sides come hard. Here is a sampling:



By Miguel0019: Dude, he played pretty badly on Monday, missing open receivers, balls to ground or too high. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Dmac but c'mon our D gave him a lot of chances to blow this game wide open....

By TomatoPie: Yes McNabb can be great but he can be horrible too. We're tired of wondering who is gonna show up each week. Marino, Elway, Joe Money -- these guys had GAME.

By BillyCuth: The only reason we are gonna beat SF is because McMahon, not McNabb is going to start.

By moge: he deserves to get "bashed"

he sucked ... in that game - face reality bro - no excuses - Eagles lost due to McNabb and Akers

By zucker4: If [bruised chest] was affecting him enough to where it cost us the game, he should have taken himself out. Donnie Mac played like a rookie, which is nothing new for him early in a season. Backward swing passes to no one? Holding the ball so long as to be hit from behind and fumble on a 3 step drop? Now, granted, he did not get any help from the o-line either. I have no doubt they'll turn it around and be fine. It still sucks right now though.


By McNabb2306: This McNabb bashing is ridiculous. He's one of the elite Qb's in the league so please shut up and let him play.

It's awful seeing all those teenagers complaining about a guy who brought us to 4 straight NFC championship games ...

Be a little bit more mature please.

By rlasker3: I don't care who you are when you are under the kind of pressure he was, injured and with NO running game you make those kind of mistakes. He'll be fine. Without McNabb we don't make the playoffs.

By judunno: He got his chest blown up... i think you may need that to throw a football... he's proved last year that when healthy and given time he can be very accurate. go learn something about football before you make dumb comments.


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