Saturday, September 10, 2005

NFL predictions

It's been a busy week, so it took it me a little longer than I would have liked to get these up. But I did beat Sunday's games. Take a look and have at me!


East: Eagles (12-4)
North: Vikings (10-6)
South: Panthers (11-5)
West: Cardinals (9-7)
Wild card: Falcons (10-6)
Wild card: Cowboys (9-7)

Eagles and Panthers playoff bye

Wild-Card playoffs
Cowboys beat Vikings
Falcons beat Cardinals

Divisional playoffs
Eagles beat Cowboys
Panthers beat Falcons

Championship game
Eagles beat Panthers


East: Patriots (11-5)
North: Steelers (10-6)
South: Colts (13-3)
West: Chargers (9-7)
Wild card: Jets (10-6)
Wild card: Ravens (9-7)

Colts and Patriots playoff bye

Wild-Card playoffs
Ravens beat Steelers
Jets beat Chargers

Divisional playoffs
Colts beat Ravens
Jets beat Patriots

Colts beat Jets

Super Bowl XL
Colts 31, Eagles 24


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