Friday, September 23, 2005

NFL Power Rankings-Week 3

Here are the power rankings for Week 2. After you are finished reading, check out The Inquirer's Eagles podcast on

1. Colts (2005 record: 2-0, Last week: No. 1): The defense was the story in a 10-3 victory over Jacksonville. That is not good news for the rest of the league.

2. Steelers (2-0, No. 3): Ben Roethlesberger has a QB rating of 153.6 after two games. Willie Parker is second in the league in rushing. The defense is No. 5. A formula for success.

3. Eagles (1-1, No. 5): A 42-3 rout over the 49ers restored faith. The defense is No. 2 in the league.

4. Panthers (1-1, No. 6): Beating the Patriots puts Carolina back in the elite.

5. Patriots (1-1, No. 2): They are still the Super Bowl champs. Tough test this week at the Steelers.

6. Chiefs (2-0, No. 7): The defense has shown improvement. They are in Denver on Monday night, which is always a tough test.

7. Falcons (1-1, No. 4): The loss to Seattle is not a surprise. An injured Vick is not a surprise. How will the team react?

8. Giants (2-0, No. 14): Monday night's victory over the Saints will show up in the standings as a road win, but we all know better. In the end, a win is a win is a win.

9. Bengals (2-0, No. 17): A win over Cleveland was expected, a blowout over the Vikings was not. Carson Palmer is on fire with a 107.8 rating.

10. Buccaneers (2-0, No. 16): The top-rated defense in the league. Sound familiar? Remember the Super Bowl.

11. Bills (1-1, No. 8): After a loss to Tampa Bay, they face the Falcons. But it's at home.

12. Jets (1-1, No. 12): A nice rebound game for quarterback Chad Pennington last week.

13. Chargers (0-2, No. 10): Yes, they are 0-2, but they will beat the Giants at home this week. If not, look for a free-fall.

14. Seahawks (1-1, No. 23): A nice win over the Falcons, but it was an easy pick. The Cardinals are next.

15. Saints (1-1, No. 11): Coach Jim Haslett has to quit whining about his home away from home game and go out and beat the Vikings.

16. Jaguars (1-1, No. 13): From a loss to the Colts to facing the Jets. Not an easy task. Byron Leftwich needs to step up.

17. Cowboys (1-1, No. 9): Coach Parcells and 'Boys have to be embarrassed with last week's loss to the Redskins. They better beat the 49ers.

18. Broncos (1-1, No. 21): There's no place like home. Denver beats the Chargers and now gets the hot Chiefs.

19. Rams (1-1, No. 24): Did what they had to against the Cardinals. Should beat the Titans.

20. Bears (1-1, No. 25): Sent the Lions a message. Yet another favorite in the NFC North?

21. Cardinals (0-2, No. 20): Not the start coach Dennis Green had hoped for and now a tough road game in Seattle. It is a must win.

22. Redskins (2-0, No. 28): I am not a believer. Washington takes advantage of a dumb Dallas defense. They get to enjoy their undefeated record with a bye.

23. Ravens (0-2, No. 15): A bye this week will give the Ravens more time to work on the offense, some offense, any offense.

24. Vikings (0-2, No. 19): Another team with a must-win. They play the Saints. Culpepper (0 TD, 8 INT) should find the home end zone this week.

25. Titans (1-1, No. 30): A surprise winner over the Ravens, can they go into St. Louis and steal a game from the Rams? Doubtful.

26. Browns (0-1, No. 30): Romeo Crennel gets his first win against Green Bay. Just for that, he gets the Colts.

27. Lions (1-1, No. 18): It's time to get rid of Joey Harrington at QB. The weapons are a wastin'.

28. Raiders: (0-2, No. 25): New England, Kansas City and Philadelphia. Sounds like 0-3 to me.

29. Dolphins (1-1. No. 27): Can they steal one against a jacked-up Carolina team?

30. Packers (0-2, No. 26): This is as bad as it gets in Green Bay. Need to beat Tampa Bay.

31. Texans (0-2. No. 29): On the bye week they are heading out of town to avoid Hurricane Rita.

32. San Francisco (1-0, No. 31): The Eagles showed the world all of the flaws.


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