Wednesday, September 14, 2005

McNabb news conference

09-14-05: From the Eagles

On whether he would start if it was up to him:
“I will be in the game on Sunday.”

On what he feels debilitated doing:
“A lot of stuff. It’s a process that you go through. You get bumps and bruises and I have to work hard with the training staff to get myself healthy to get out there and do everything I was capable of doing before the injury.”

On whether he could play today:
“Nothing would ever stop me from getting out on that field.”

On what the injury hampers him most from doing:
“(jokingly) I am not able to walk my dogs like I used to. I cannot pick up my baby and toss her around. Now she has to work on walking.”

On what the injury hampers him most from doing on the football field:
“It’s tough to say right now. I think that everyone is being cautious right now with using up the rest time that we have and take full time with that, rehabbing, getting treatment and getting ready for when the time comes.”

On whether there is any doubt that he will be out there on Sunday:
“I don’t know if it is just me, but I love playing football and if I couldn’t walk or whatever may be, something would have to take me off that field.”

On whether he feels there is a point where he can’t help the team:
“I never say that to myself. If I am out there, I feel I can help the team as much as possible.”

On what he would do to convince the coaches to start him if he was not able to practice all week:
“I would at least try to do something that would make them feel positive about putting me out there.”

On whether he has heard anything medically that would prevent him from playing:
“I have not heard anything.”

On whether the injury prevented him from running on Monday night:
“That is tough to say. There were opportunities for me to move around a little bit. There were also opportunities for me to sit back in the pocket and deliver the pass. The majority of the time there were opportunities to throw the ball to receivers. It just so happened that I was not bringing my legs into it and not doing the fundamental aspects of things that I would usually do. I don’t make any excuses to say that it was due to injury. When I am out there on that field, knowing the situation and knowing what I have to do, I have to do my job and I didn’t do it the way I expected to and the way I prepare myself to do. It’s something that you learn from and move on.”

On whether he felt 100% on Monday night:

On whether there is a chance the injury could get worse with more contact:
“I have not heard that and hopefully I will not hear anything like that. I just prepare myself to get out there on Sunday.”

On whether he feels he has taken late hits or helmet first hits without penalties throughout his career:
“I am not getting involved in that one.”

On whether he anticipates wearing a flack jacket on Sunday:
“That will be a decision that would have to be made after talking with the training staff and coaches. Whatever it takes to be protected, I am all for it. But not to the effect that I am going to go out there with steel shoulder pads and a metal mouthpiece. You have to understand that in this game we play, it’s tough, you get bumps and bruises and you suffer through adversities, but you have to put those things behind you and focus on what you need to do.”

On whether he has ever played with a flack jacket:
“I have. I played with it my first four years in the league. This year and the previous two years I played without it, but if I can avoid it, I would.”

On what makes this team so resilient and why they rarely lose two games in a row:
“I think the thing that stands out for us is leadership, continuing to stress to the guys that the games are not always going to go your way, learning from mistakes and being critical of yourself watching film, analyzing yourself and knowing what you can do better to help this team win. That’s the kind of personality and character we all share on this team. I think the thing that stands out for us is that there are 15 more guaranteed games left. There is not reason to get upset and throw everything in after one loss. You have to focus on your job this week and get this thing going.”

On whether he expects opposing teams to blitz on every down:
“Teams have been blitzing us on every other down, whatever it may be, whatever they feel they can do to get to the quarterback and have the answer to some of our blocking schemes. Again, it would be my job to get the ball out, so I can keep the defensive coordinator on his heels to make him second guess himself. We expect teams to blitz us and just because of one game, it does not mean that every team is going to start changing their defense and blitz us. If they do that and we can come up with big plays, I guess we will eliminate that.”

On why he stopped wearing the flack jacket:
“(joking) I started getting a bit bigger. I was eating healthier and I gained about 30 pounds of muscle.”

On why he wore it to start out:
“Teams want all their quarterbacks to wear some sort of flack jacket. I didn’t wear it in college, so it was something new for me. I just wanted to feel comfortable being back out there and I felt pretty good without it.”

On whether it slowed him down at all:
“At times.”

On whether he thinks he will have to convince head coach Andy Reid to let him play:
“I think I would have the upper hand on that one. That would be showing him I am capable of playing at practice. They always say, ‘you can’t make the club in the tub.’ If I get out of the tub, I can make the club I guess.”

On what he is doing to treat the injury:
“We are doing some different things with the training staff. There are a lot of different things we can do to move around and be able to get some blood flowing through there. You obviously have to take it slow and be patient with everything.”

On whether he will practice tomorrow:
“I don’t know, we will see how it goes.

On whether he feels better today than yesterday:
“It does.”

On how much confidence he has in the backup quarterbacks:
“I am confident in those guys. I already know what [QB] Koy [Detmer] can do. Koy is a smart guy that knows and executes the offense well in training camp and throughout practices, he does a good job. [QB] Mike [McMahon] is another guy who is very athletic and picking up on our side of the West Coast offense very well. He is a guy that I feel good about being in there as well, so if I am not able to go, I still feel confident that we would be able to get things rolling.”

On the play he got hurt on:
“It was a play that we wanted to establish the deep ball. I stepped up in the pocket. As I was throwing, I was hit from the side and then from the front. It leads to me being on my back and feeling this pain I feel right now. It is something that happens in a game and you have to suck it up and move on like I did.”

On whether other hits compounded the injury:
“I couldn’t tell. I stopped focusing in on that after I got onto the sideline and tried to stretch. I tried to get out there and lead the team to a win.”

On whether he put the flack jacket on at the half:

On problems with the blitz pickup:
“In the game we did some positive things, but what we have to do as an offensive unit is continue to have our communication there, understand what we are seeing, and be able to spread the word down the line as well as the backfield, so that we will be able to pick up the blitzes and if they are not blitzing, be able to react to it. That is something small for us because it’s something we go through practice every day. We have to make sure that everyone is on the same page and we have to execute together.”

On whether he is getting away from running:
“Not at all. I will run for 1,000 yards this year.”


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