Monday, September 05, 2005

Goodbye Hugh

Former Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas will be missed, but most fans understand the time had come. He was cut on Saturday and the blogs and message boards were smoking almost immediately.

For every 10 posts that agreed with the Eagles move, there was one that felt Douglas should not have cut.

And it was one of those that led Donnie Brasco to write this on Igglephans:

i concur, the eagles will not make the playoffs due to this travesty of a move. How dare they cut Hugh, i mean he is funny as hell. ... This [organization] just can't ever make the right choices can they? I mean look how great Emmons, Welbourn, Taylor, Vincent and FredEx just to name a FEW are doing. How can they keep making these dumb ass player moves and still win?

Good point, Donnie!


At 11:52 PM, Blogger geoffrobinson said...

While they have made many smart moves, I seemed to have missed that parade. They aren't infallible.

At 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband is a forever Eagles fan. I'm a Giants, Redskin fan, (sorry)however, I watch all of the Eagles games with him. The main reason is because of Hugh Douglas. After a game a couple of years ago I was watching after the game hipe. I watched Hugh go at it with one of the sports announcers and all but fell out out of my chair laughing. After that interview, I would not let my husband turn the channel until all the game hipe was over in hopes I'd catch an interview with Hugh Douglas. I'm an aspiring writer. When I heard the news that he'd been let go, in his honor I gave one of my female characters his last name. I was pleased to hear they kept him on as the Eagles goodwill ambassador this year. He's kinda cute too. Go Hugh!!!


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