Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ed Wade talks ... to Atlanta radio station

This comes from dlyons on the Phillies message board at

This morning (actually Thursday) on Atlanta sports talk, Ed Wade said he was very disappointed with a crowd of only 30,000 for yesterday night's game with the Astros. He called this series one of the most critical series in September for the Phillies. He said there is a time the fans must show the support for the team by showing up and showing the players that they are being supported. He said 30,000 for a HUGE game doesn't do that. He hopes with the Braves coming to town, the city will support this team. In closing, Mr. Wade says he himself and Philly management have worked very hard to bring championship baseball to Philly like the Braves management has done for the city of Atlanta, and he wants to see the Philly fans show their support for this team. Thought you guys would want to hear what he is saying to us Braves fans about you guys. Best of luck thru the rest of the season Philly fans.

Wade's comments to the Atlanta media set you off. Here is a sampling:

From Rolen76: Big Ed Wade...

a true zero.

From Twitchell: As usual, Eddy needs to find someone to blame for his perpetual failure. Now, it's the lack of fan support at the root of their dismal performance. I might also add that declining attendance has only begun. Wait until next year, Eddy.

From fwade: Ed can go to hell.

From Pareto: "Also,Wade will add that without Thome's bat and Wolf's pitching in the line-up the Phillies performed better than expected."

No doubt. To be followed closely by "we feel that we've more than compensated for Wagner's departure by adding Urbina as our new closer. I firmly believe that this is a championship caliber team."

From Rebecca2: He does not have the guts to say that on a Philly
radio station because he knows that he would be ripped to shreds for saying that. The problem is also he says these things with such a straight face that I think he
actually believes the garbage he says.

From cheezsteaker: ed wade is an embarrassment to baseball. he is pathetic to even compare himself to the braves brass.

ed wade wouldn't know a baseball if it hit him in the head. he's the single biggest idiot i've seen in 30 years following philadelphia sports. only in philly can a man like that keep his job for years.

From kirk:: Eddie "worked very hard to bring championship baseball to Philly." He has failed miserably and should resign his position or be fired by gutless David Montgomery. He currently has a $95 Million payroll of stiffs that have big contracts, no strong desire to win, and can't play in the clutch.. His farm system is in shambles and almost all the talent from the farm is now in Philly. He has had nine years to build a baseball team and has never made it to the playoffs. He is setting up to blame the fans for his failures. It's never Eddie or Dave's fault.. It is always someone elses. The arrogance of these men is unmatched by any other sports management group.. We the fans have many years of failure to look forward to thanks to Eddie, Dave and Bill...


At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The WIP executives are the ones who should be fired. They are fools for initiating a negative campaign against baseball because they did not get baseball contracts for the station.

You expect negativity from Eskin but the overall blitz is like listing to Rush trying to justify Bush.


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