Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Westbrook concern

A quick run through the Eagles fans discussion boards and it is clear the panic has not set in on Brian Westbrook not reporting to camp. Most feel it is just a matter of time before the Eagles top running back finds his way back to Lehigh.

Except for this one from mcud77 on Warnest.com: "And I just wrote a long diatribe about how Westbrook was doing it the right way and Simon the wrong...

"Shows what I know. Owens reports, and Westbrook no-shows. Excuse me while I go light myself on fire."

From Yankeeboy1046 on Warnest.com: "Westbrook a no-show and Owens is here. Didn't think that would happen. They both were saying the opposite during the offseason. I guess Moats might just get his feet wet a little earlier than expected."

From Care_Much on ESPN NFL discussion board: "Supposedly the argument is between length and signing bonus. Westy wants a 5 year $10 million signing bonus but the Eagles want to give him a 3 year deal with a $4-5 million signing bonus. Obviously a 4 year deal with a $6-8 million signing bonus would be logical, but this is the NFL.

"Also, I thought I read that Fletcher Smith had no knowledge of Westbrook holding out, so this should be resolved quickly."

From BusBoyIsBack on ESPN NFL discussion board: "... you def should be worried about Westbrook though. T.O. or no T.O. he is the only running game you have not that you had any from the start. Westbrook out the backfield is invaluable. But like T.O. he will finally realize Eagles don't play any games and he'll report. Once again Eagles on top in NFC."

I'll be back this afternoon with more updates. I have to head out of the office for a while.


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