Sunday, August 21, 2005

Trotter quotes from after Ravens game


"On whether he feels like the defense looked like they were in regular season form:
“I wouldn’t say regular season form, but we went out, took control of the game, we planned to. We had some guys that were winded out there, but we just want to play ourselves into shape. The more we play we’ll be ready by the first game.”

On forcing three takeaways in five defensive series:
“I said it at the beginning of the season. That was our main goal. We know we are a nasty defense. We know we are a good defense but last year we didn’t have enough takeaways. That’s a focus for us this year, getting the ball.”

On the defense’s performance against the run:
“That’s how we play. We want to win the battle up front. Stop the run and force those guys to throw the ball.”


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