Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Touch 'em all

A last look at the day (and night) in sports.

It doesn't appear there is a lot of love Eagles camp after the first day of practice. Andy is mad at Brian, Brian is mad at Joe and T.O. is mad at everyone. And what about Corey. Has anyone seen Corey? Does anyone even care about Corey? This could be a fun couple of weeks.

Shaq signs a new deal with the Miami Heat and takes $10.6 million less for the upcoming season. His agent Perry Rogers says, "Shaquille can name his price. And the price he has named is winning." Of course, the new deal is reportedly for $100 million over five years and surely it is guaranteed money. Hey T.O., you listening? You just picked the wrong sport, dude.

The news gets worse for steroid-tainted Rafael Palmeiro. The New York Times is reporting that the steroid found in Palmeiro's pee was stanozolol. The same drug that Ben Johnson tested positive for after winning the gold medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Let's reflect on BenJo's legacy ... oh yeah, cheater. Too late to come clean (in more ways than one) for Raffy.

A five-team trade in the NBA. This is what happens when general managers have too much time on their hands because of a moratorium on league signings. It seems it took the NBA and the players' association a little longer to cross and dot a few things on the newly inked collective bargaining agreement. So what better to do in the meantime than come up with some fantasy-type trade. Too many details for this space, but the highlight is Antoine Walker going to Miami to join Shaq.

Oh, by the way, Antoine Walker signed a new deal reportedly for $53 million over six years. Now, he makes more than T.O., too.

Deion Sanders came clean. The Ravens cornerback told the press Tuesday that he had tested positive for steroids last year and because of that he was tested weekly throughout last season. Finally, someone comes clean! But hold on there, Deion. The Ravens say that is not true. You never tested positive. You just refused a drug test in your last season with the Redskins and that is why you were tested every week. And you passed every test. Please, somebody tell the truth.


At 11:15 AM, Blogger BigB said...

This is a test

At 11:17 AM, Blogger BigB said...

Isn't anyone interested in our
#1 draft pick from last year?
How is Shawn Andrews doing?
Is he healthy? Is he practicing?


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