Thursday, August 04, 2005

Philly Hall of Fame

As part of this blog, there will be occasion when I receive a press release that is worthy of your interest. Here is one of those.

This comes from the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame. Get out and vote.

As a proud sponsor of the Neil Stein/Garry Maddox Barbecue Challenge at Citizens Bank Park, Saturday August 6th, the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame will provide the public its only opportunity to nominate in-person someone for consideration into the Hall. Normally, the nomination process is done via the Internet at or via regular mail at: Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame Foundation, 410 Waverly Road Wyncote, PA 19095.

As part of the Hall’s nomination process, input from fans is a major factor, with those receiving the most nominations included on the annual election ballot.

To date, those receiving the most nominations via the general public are legendary local announcer John McAdams, former Phillies slugger Richie ‘Dick’ Allen, and Philly native and all-time Dodger great, Roy Campanella. Others receiving nominations include Reggie Jackson, Tommy Loughran and Reggie White.

The Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame will also have a mini-museum, displaying a sampling of the most unique collection of sports memorabilia and artifacts in the area, featuring items from over 100 years of Philadelphia Sports. This is a unique opportunity for Philly sports fans to learn about the Hall of Fame, talk with the Hall’s Executive Staff, and find out new and fun ways to get involved, as we will also be accepting requests for volunteers to donate their time.

“We are very excited to be involved with the Youth Golf & Academics Program on this barbecue contest,” says Steve Tallant, the Hall of Fame’s Senior Director for Foundation Development. “The Hall of Fame sponsors several youth-focused programs, and this is a great way for Philly Sports fans to get to know the Hall of Fame, enjoy some great food, and support a worthy cause.”

The goal of the Garry Maddox Barbecue Challenge is to raise $75,000 to benefit Maddox's Camden, N.J.-based charity, the Youth Golf & Academics Program. The YGAP provides free after-school activities, such as golf lessons and literacy tutoring for inner-city children. The annual barbecue has been a key fund-raising event, helping to raise tens of thousands dollars for the program which helps cover the costs of snacks, supplies and teachers’ salaries.

Information about the Youth Golf & Academics Program is available at: or by calling 856-756-0222.


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