Friday, August 19, 2005

Phillies under the radar

The Phillies are leading the National League wild-card standings by a 1/2 game. It appears they are in the race for the long haul and that is good for baseball fans in the area.

It is good for general manager Ed Wade and manager Charlie Manuel.

What is even better, according to Phils closer Billy Wagner, is that all of the media attention has been on Terrell Owens and the Eagles.

This comes from Inquirer Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki:

It's T.O.'s world.

The Phillies just play across the street from it.

"I think its the best thing going for this team," closer Billy Wagner said between games of a day-night doubleheader against Washington yesterday at Citizens Bank Park. "This is a football town. We just fly under the radar. The fans don't even know we're in first. They just boo. We're in the bullpen, and they boo us. Who cares? We go out there to play -- and play for the people in here and the people who support us."

But people would boo a little less if the Phils made the playoffs, right?

"Of course," Wagner said. "They'd jump right on the bandwagon. But that's everywhere."

Wagner joked that Eagles malcontent Terrell Owens has done the Phillies a favor.

"I guess that's the only favor he's done around here," Wagner said.

Billy, you are not giving the fans any credit. They know exactly where you are and, more importantly, where you have been or haven't been (the playoffs).

Rest assured, the radar is on and the media are following the little blip that is the Phillies. For your sake, Billy, we hope the blip doesn't disappear come October 1.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim -

About Billy Wagner's comments:

"The fans don't even know we're in first. They just boo."

As you mentioned, this is NOT true..I'm a season ticket holder, attended the game Wed. night. After the win, MANY of us stayed in the stands UNTIL the Astros score was posted to see if we were in FIRST place and we ARE!!!! Billy - we LOVE YOU AND THE PHILS!!!

At 2:08 PM, Blogger geoffrobinson said...

This is a truly awful comment. They perform better when there is no pressure. That says "championship run" all over it. And that's why no one believes they will do jack.

Also, is Wagner aware that when they are booing a 99mph pitch it is in good fun? If not, someone should probably tell him before he embarasses himself further with more public comments.


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