Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More on Mauch

It is interesting the way the Phillies Web site handled the death of former manager Gene Mauch.

There are two stories on the site, one from MLB.com and the other a Phillies press release and neither develops what a rich history Mauch had in Philadelphia. And neither is featured. You have to look into the update area to find a headline. In the featured area, there are six packages and not one is Mauch.

The Web stories stories give us his record and in one sentence tell of the 1964 collapse:

"With the Phillies, Mauch managed 1,331 games, won 645 and lost 684, all club records. Yet, he was burdened with the Phillies losing the 1964 pennant after leading by six and one-half games with 12 games to go. The Phillies lost 10 straight before winning the final two games."

Certainly his legacy deserves more than that. Hopefully, the Phillies come back with a true tribute to the man.


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