Sunday, August 21, 2005

McNabb quotes after Ravens game

From the Eagles:


On the performance of the offense in the first half:
“I think things went pretty smooth. I think in the preseason you try to be aggressive and try to put balls into holes. Anticipate throws, which kind of caught up with me on the interception. But again, we bounced back strong, we were able to get some first downs, move the ball and put the ball in the end zone. That’s always a positive.”

On the 51-yard touchdown pass to RB Brian Westbrook on 3rd and short:
“I thought it was a great play. Any time the coach has confidence for us to put the ball in the air on 3rd and short, or possibly on 3rd and long. For us to be able to execute says a lot about this offense and the trust in this offense. What you are seeing right now is just kind of a sign of what’s to come. We don’t have all of our guys, obviously, here but for the guys that are here they are doing an excellent job catching the ball, getting a first downs and moving the ball downfield.”

On spreading the ball around on the offense and showing confidence in rookie TE Stephen Spach:
“With Reggie [Brown] having a great game last week and next week it will be somebody different. There’s a new name on the radar and it’s Stephen Spach. He did a great job catching the ball and getting up the field.”


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