Friday, August 26, 2005

McNabb halftime quotes

Provided by the Eagles:

On the 68-yd touchdown pass to WR Terrell Owens:
“We had streak routes called. I was able to get a good fake from Brian Westbrook. I saw the mismatch with T.O. to the outside and I decided to take it. I tried to put it in a decent spot. He did an excellent job accelerating to the ball and scoring the touchdown.”

On his three touchdown passes in the first half:
"Well, I think we are showing progression. The offense is coming along, with the addition of having T.O. out there we are able to do a little bit more things and it makes it exciting right now."

On the way he had to scramble before throwing to WR Reggie Brown for a touchdown:
"Just trying to make a play, their defense ends got up field and I was able to step up in the pocket, buy time and Reggie did an excellent job of getting in the end zone."

On how the offensive line looked tonight:
"Offensive line is coming along. Obviously as a unit we want to continue to execute. Tra [Thomas] came out and looked good, he stepped out. And then Todd [Herremans] came in to fill in the spot, he's doing an excellent job."

On running the ball.
"Hey, we were able to pick up some yards, but it's tough in the preseason when you are trying to run the ball because you focus on passing and getting your timing so much."


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