Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Madden 2006

How many of you blew off work today to get Madden 2006 and then go home and play it?

Early reviewers don't seem that excited by it.

Most comment that the new quarterback vision is difficult to master at first and that the graphics have not changed much.

Also mentioned was the lackluster same old stadium scenes. Not sure what they were looking for in the stadiums. How much can they change?

By the way, does Donovan on the cover help the Eagles chances in the game?

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At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the game was an excellent upgrade to last years edition. I've heard some say that paying for a new version of Madden each year is like a $50 tax to have an upgraded roster, but I disagree.

The new QB vision feature adds a new level of realism to the game. My little brother can no longer play as the Falcons and run Vick all over me because of the new feature. I didn't find it difficult to master at all, I've only been playing the game for a few hours so far.

I also liked how EA Sports continues to make the game more of a challenge. In years past, players would never have to punt, a 4th down was no different than any other down as far as play-calling was concerned. Starting in the 2004 version, players have to manage the clock and move the ball if they stand a chance. No more hail marry's or QB sneeks on 4th down.

Overall, the game modes haven't changed much other than the addition of Superstar mode. I haven't been able to get in to the new mode yet, so I can't really comment; however, I do find the "DNA feature" to be rather interesting in creating a player.

This year's Madden outshines all the rest and provides a much needed football fix until September.

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the game for X-box and it is sad. Graphics same as last year read worse than a 20$ ESPN game. It looks like it was built for PS2. The online modes are pathetic. And it appears scoring is once again out of control. My brother in law put the game in and in 3 plays 2 TD's against the AI on Pro level. EA + NFL liscense = garbage.

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know if this game is any bettter on PS2 but on Xbox it is GARBAGE. The graphics are horrible in comparison to ESPN 2005 and the game play is way to easy. The QB vision thing is corny, the players are too small, they move to fast, and they look cartoonish. This game was a total waste of $50. I played half a game and put my ESPN 2005 back in.

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

EA got the NFL liscense on football and thus monopolized the market for players names, stadiums, etc, which basically knocks out the ESPN NFL (Sega) competition - dont expect to see them anytime soon.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger PhillyVince said...

Mr. Jenks:

While I did not take the day off on Wednesday to play Madden (I wanted to, of course - but with me starting a new job in April and with my first baby one the way within the next 4 weeks - it wasn't really an option!) I did pick it up Wednesday evening and so far, so good.

My biggest fear about the new version of the game was that EA would take away some of the defensive improvements worked into last year's game. Having the ability to change each defensive player's assignment on the fly definitely helped balance the playing field some. To be honest, I had tired completely of the rash of 77-65 games (with 5 minute quarters!) that have plagued this game for the past 12 years. I played about 400 games online last year, and the online "fair play" rules implementation (no going for it on 4th and long from your own 12...) was a true breath of fresh air.

This year's game would seem to be markedly improved. I LOVE the vision cone feature. There is definitely something to be said for having to be able to see a receiver before being able to throw a ball to him. There was nothing more frustrating over the past decade-plus than chasing down a quarterback on a 17-step drop, have him pinned to the sidelines, then watch him throw an across-the-body perfectly-thrown spiral across the field to a streaking WR for a TD (can you tell I am a D-oriented guy? Blame Buddy-Ball!). I like realism in my sims! The new changes are welcome, even if it is going to take some getting used to.

The new feature allowing a ballcarrier to initiate contact is pretty well-implemented. It seems to work against smaller players and really backfire against D-Linemen, as it should. :)

I haven't broken out the Season mode, nor have I played online yet. But, in the handful of games I have played with my neighbor, I am LOVING this game.

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Initially, I wasn't very happy with it. In reality, the main two obvious upgrades were the QB Vision cone and the DNA make a player option. The second option is one that was okay. The first seemed frustrating at first, but I've become accustomed to it and have learned some new tricks with it.

However, just last night, I found two new touches in franchise mode that have elevated my opinion of this game to a higher level for me (4 out of 5 stars). I still think it might be best for someone to rent it first, play it for a few days (not just causually, but REALLY play it in depth) and then decide if it's worth $50 or not.

In Franchise Mode, when you are ready to play a team, you can actually get an overview of each key player on the team. This way, you can see how their defense and offense stack up against yours. Rather than having to go to the opposing team’s roster, you can go to your PDA and view the information in the game plan section. This includes just about every player on their roster that is scheduled to play, including the kickers! It gives you their strengths and weaknesses. This in many respects acts like the match up stick in NCAA Football, except it's more about scouting the team before the game, but still, it can identify key match ups between your team and the opponent.

Another nice addition is you can rep through key plays against the opposing team’s defensive plays. You still practice against your teammates, but they will set up in the defensive schemes that are considered to be key for the opposing team you will face that weekend. The more reps you do against that play, the more points you get which will help you play better in the upcoming game. This is something close to how ESPN did it last year with practice modes, where you could focus your players to work on different activities (film study, conditioning, reps, etc). However, unlike ESPN, this doesn't penalize you and isn't a hit or miss type of thing and is a LOT more fun because you are actually doing the reps. Now, so far, I haven't gotten injured during the practices, so it's not entirely true-to-life, but I don't know if I'd want that anyways!

With each successful completion of the play (number of yards gained, completed passes, etc), you garner additional points. However, with each unsuccessful rep (intercepted passes, fumbled balls, negative yards gained), you get negative points that take away from your total. If you start getting negative points, just keep practicing the play until you get it back above zero. Then, continue practicing to pile on the points. You can move players around and flip the play to the other side, but you cannot audible nor can you hot-route your players, so it limits you to try and use the base play against the defense as it was called.

Once you feel you've accumulated enough points, you can quit. The game will then tell you how many points you've accrued and you can choose to continue to practice the play or quit. Your points are based on the number of points accumulated divided by the number of reps you've performed. Therefore, you really want to try and gain the maximum yards possible with each rep in order to garner a larger amount of points at the end of practice. Once you exit out of the practice for that play, you cannot practice it again before the game.

Once the reps are done, the number of points transfers into the game you will play for that week. Nothing really tells you how much effect it will have, but it is stated in the game that it will help you out in key situations when those plays show up.

This is something not even mentioned in the manual! I really wish EA would get with their manual writers and have things like this pointed out. This has definitely elevated my opinion of this year’s edition and has made it much more enjoyable to play. They really do need to take a cue from 2K Sports that actually provides an on-line manual with the game (and can be downloaded from the web for free) that goes into a lot more depth than the paper manual that comes with the game.

At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GARBAGE. period. The Bull S**t factor is much more in effect than any previous version of the game. Vision cone and precision passing aren't enough to save this game.....DON'T spend the money if you like (and still own) a previous madden version.

At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted first, but after having a few days to play the game, I have new comments.

I still think this year's version is definitely worth the money. It's not just an updated roster for those who play Madden religously.

I do have a few negative comments; however. First, LaDanian Tomlinson, arguablly the best player in football, isn't that great in the game. LT plays on a level above everyone else, but this is not relevant in the game. Second, the EA crew needs to go a little more in-depth when creating players who don't normally start on teams. Some rookies or sophmores should have higher ratings, but don't because they may not be as well known.

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