Friday, August 12, 2005

Hurting with Thome and Hamels

Now ... back to the Phillies for a moment.

News from the West Coast that Jim Thome and Cole Hamels are out for the season got me to thinking.

Ryan Howard had done a solid job replacing Thome and has proven that he belongs in the major leagues. If Thome does rehab and comes back next year, what will the Phillies do with the two sluggers? Howard has been unable to play any other position and it is doubtful that he would play over a healthy Thome.

Once again it comes down to general manager Ed Wade and his previous inability to pull off a trade to help the team. Every team in the league will know that the Phillies are stuck and trade value on either is sure to go down. It looks like another situation that can't end well.

As far as Hamels, will this guy ever make it to the bigs? Is he even considered a hot prospect? For three years he has been sought in trades and for three years he has not been traded and the Phillies once again have nothing to show for him.

Now he is injured again and history shows elbow and back issues that could be with him for the rest of his career.


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