Friday, August 26, 2005

Greg Lewis halftime quotes

From the Eagles:

On the one-handed grab he made for his touchdown:
"It was one of the moves in my bag of tricks I tried to pull out and give the crowd a little excitement. I wanted to sprinkle a little G-Lew in there."

On how it felt to be playing in front of the home crowd:
"Anytime you get to play out here in the Linc, in front of these fans who really care about football, it just feels good to go out and play how we played. It feels good."

On the offense's passing attack:
"I'm enjoying being a part of that. Everybody's getting involved and you just can't key on person. T.O.'s the headliner of the receiving corps and Reggie and myself try to get in where we can fit in. Westbrook and L.J. Smith get to spread it around, too. So pick your poison."

On McNabb's scrambling touchdown pass to Reggie Brown:
I talked about [Reggie] on his touchdown celebration. It was relatively wack. He had sort of a Harold Carmichael spike. I told him about that. Donovan scrambled and Reggie stayed alive on the play and got open and got in the endzone. I know it was a big play for him. I know he’s happy about it and get [his first touchdown] out of the way.”


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