Thursday, August 18, 2005

Eagles offensive coordinator news conference

From the Eagles:

Brad Childress Press Conference

On whether he has greeted WR Terrell Owens yet:
“You know what? I really haven’t had the occasion to. We have been in a couple of installation meetings and by their nature they are kind of one-sided. It’s not really a question and answer; it’s more of up at the screen, presenting and you are not getting feedback from anybody. So, I have not.”

On whether he thinks T.O. owes him an apology:
“I don’t have any hard feelings. So, no I don’t need an apology.”

On whether he thinks he needs to discuss the situation with T.O.:
“I don’t think so.”

On how T Tra Thomas looked at practice this morning:
“It was good to see him out there. He was taking his sets and I think [DE] Hugh Douglas was rushing him. They always have a pretty good war. Over the course of the years they have, with Hugh rushing him. It’s just good to see him get back out there and get his timing back up and then he’s got to go through some of those training camp rigors that the guys are starting slowly to pull themselves out of; the soreness. But he has done a great job conditioning wise and weight wise, you still can’t simulate of the banging and bumping and all those kind of things.”

On whether Tra is back sooner than expected:
“Yeah, I guess slightly. I know that he was going to stay on the drug for another month.”

On when he expects Tra to be able to play:
“I wouldn’t think he would be playing this week. But, I think that he will probably be back in the mix practicing, hopefully, next week.”

On whether he thinks Tra will be able to do some contact during practice:
“Possibly, I think they are probably going to finish the drug. I think it is just a sign that he is out there practicing with his gear on that he is getting ready to transition back in.”

On how long it takes a guy like Tra to get back into contact shape:
“I just think it’s probably, more than anything, speed of the game thing. Just like our guys the other night, in those first couple series, you have to get it amped back up. Practice speed is one thing, game is another. So, I think it is more of a matter of seeing some of that stuff full speed. But, it will take him a couple of weeks, I’m sure, to get him back in the groove.”

On the extent of his plans to work T.O. into the Ravens game:
“Right now he is part of the whole game plan. He is playing a couple of different positions. So, he is preparing to be able to play against them. I haven’t heard anything to the contrary. But, usually we don’t make any decisions of who’s in and who’s out until probably about a day from now.”

On what T.O. had to do to catch up on the work he missed:
“Again, he is guy that takes good care of himself. Of course, he left with those aggravated groins and just have to make sure those are where they need to be, so that he can both protect himself and give a good accounting of himself. That is ongoing. Football wise, couple of things he needs to get up to speed on. But, he certainly has an aptitude to be able to do that.”

On how T.O. looked in practice today:
“Looked fine, looked fine. Looked good.”

On the routes WR Reggie Brown, WR Billy McMullen, and rest of the receivers ran against the Steelers:
“The biggest thing, I think, is that they made plays when they were there. When the ball was around them, they all made plays. I can remember, maybe, one drop that we had that may have been questionable to [TE] Steve Spach. So, when the ball was around them, they did well. Now, the refinements, the route depths, the getting in and out of the breaks, that type of thing, where the releases are, it’s all the minutia now that they need to pay attention to. Then, they still need to be able to do that all full speed. So, we were encouraged with what we saw from all of those guys.”

On how he thought T Todd Herremans did after reviewing the film:
“He did okay. Just like you would expect, first time guy getting pass rushed in a game setting, there are some things that he can do better. He would be the first to admit that to you. But, I don’t think he was wide-eyed. I think he did just fine. We gave him a little chip help on occasion, but we do that everywhere on occasion. So, he did a good job for his first game as a professional.”

On whether RB Bruce Perry is a bigger factor with RB Correll Buckhalter hurt:
“He’s going to get some turns. He had a nice run the other night, you saw him lower his pads, dip his pads, and run through that first contact. So, he’s got some ability. I think he made an error on his first pass protection, again, first play in the game, stepped the wrong way. So, you see that with guys that playing for their first time. You don’t want to accept it, you want to make sure that the next time you see him in this game that he has improved in some of those areas.”

On his confidence in RB Ryan Moats being able to run between tackles:
“I think the first thing is that you are running with your eyes and he’s got good eyes and he’s got good instincts. You just need to make sure he is not guessing in terms of cutting the football back. I think the other thing in running between the tackles is he’s always going to have leverage on who ever he hits. He’s got a chance to contact those people below their pad level, so consequently, you see him come out the other end. He’s going to add thrust to the pile. We don’t have any trouble running in between the tackles, again, he is hard to find in there when he comes through those holes.”

On whether RB Brian Westbrook had to play catch up at all since he missed some time at camp:
“Just in a couple of areas. That installation starts and he missed, I think, five or six installations, most of which he’s heard before. Everything is a refresher and now that we are into this game mode, really for each game, you are giving them a distinct set of plays that they are going forward with. Now, it’s when we come back in practice and go back to all the things we did day one, when he wasn’t here day one, you hope that those things come back to him because you usually are not going back.”

On whether he thinks that Westbrook’s problems with his contract are wearing on him:
“No, I don’t read minds. I don’t know that.”

On whether Westbrook is putting forth the same effort:
“Yeah, he is doing a nice job.”

On QB Mike McMahon seeming to click in the game versus Pittsburgh:
“They said that he was very bright-eyed on the sideline during the game. Again, he was playing with Ryan Moats, so he was kind of directing the show, making sure everybody was where they were supposed to be. He did a nice job of doing a couple things with his feet, being able to step away from a rush, not only on the scramble, but being able to step around some trouble and I think he hit a deep crossing route as well. Even though he has been part of this West Coast offense, all of them go different ways. It kind of splinters off and you head your own direction. So, some of the things that Detroit was doing, we are not doing the same way here. He has to learn the way you are doing it and how you are reading it and how you are looking at it and our verbiage, so to speak. But, he is doing a nice job with that and I thought he did a very good job in the game.”

On whether he thinks it is an advantage or a disadvantage that the Eagles are playing two of the best defenses in their first two preseason games:
“I don’t ever look at it as a disadvantage. You like to check and see when you are playing your best against their best, whether it is for a quarter or for a half, it doesn’t do any good to push somebody else around that maybe is not going to be on that squad. It’s good from the standpoint that it was a 3-4 front, which is something that we can always use work on. We don’t see that many, although Dallas, reportedly, is going to that front. But, I think it is great to play against very good defenses because then you really have some kind of measuring stick, even though it is preseason and maybe the tempo is not exactly the same. You are playing good versus good, you have an idea of where you stand.”

On whether he has the hope that Correll Buckhalter will be back in the near future:
“I always hope that we can get him back, I just don’t know exactly where he is at medically right now. He is rehabbing and going through that whole process. Am I hopeful? Yeah, I’m hopeful. I don’t know what that does to the situation, but I hope we can get him back, sure.”

On what has impressed him about Reggie Brown:
“I just think, probably, we know what kind of skill set he has and that was why he was drafted where he was drafted. But, then getting it into play, full speed ahead with all of the information that has come at you, and then being able to process that, still play full speed. You see guys that play full speed and then all of the sudden they will have a lapse and won’t catch the football, just kind of know the fundamentals of the position. I just think he has done a great job of assimilating all of that information, getting himself in the right spots and then making a play when it got there. Now, hey, he may be chopping a route off by two or three yards or four, he may not be using the right technique, but those are all things that we will work with. He is doing a great job in terms of that as a rookie.”

On the role he thinks Reggie will have this season:
“Well, certainly he’s good enough to get on the field as a 3rd, 4th or as a drink of water for somebody. He’s got a chance to get on the football field and we would not have any reservations about doing that.”

On whether any of the backup tight ends have separated themselves:
“No, those are great battles at the backup tight end positions. We have [TE James] Whalen, [TE Stephen] Spach and [TE] Andy Thorn. I have mentioned before that that is as good of a group of free agent tight ends that we have had since I have been here. They all bring a little something different to the table. They are all extremely smart and don’t make errors. They can play on the line of scrimmage and change the line of scrimmage. Most of them are also good special teams players.”

On whether they are looking for the backup tight end to be different than L.J. Smith:
“Not necessarily, because lets say that L.J. was to get nicked. You sill want to be able to run routes with your tight end. You don’t want a slug in there. So, you don’t necessarily look for a guy that is different than him. There are certain things that you have to do in the framework of this offense and that is not negotiable. You have to be able to do those things.”


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