Friday, August 26, 2005

Eagles-Bengals 2nd quarter update

After an incompletion to Brian Westbrook, Donovan McNabb hits Greg Lewis for 16 yards, L.J. Smith for 29 and Terrell Owens for 24 in the first series of the second quarter. A sack and a holding penalty move the Eagles from the Bengals 7-yard line to the 27. That didn't matter. McNabb found Greg Lewis for a 20-yard gain and then hit rookie Reggie Brown for a 8-yard TD pass after scrambling out of trouble. Eagles, 17-3.

On the next possession, after a Ryan Moats run, McNabb hits Owens on two straight passes for seven yards. The drive stalls and Akers kicks a field goal. Eagles, 20-3.

The Eagles get the ball back with 1:48 left on the Bengals 41-yard line. McNabb goes to Greg Lewis for 9 yards and two plays later hits Lewis again on a 27-yard TD pass. Lewis pulled it in one-handed. Eagles, 27-3

McNabb's first half line:
Attempts: 23
Comppletions: 14
Yards: 256
Yds/Att: 11.1
Sacks/Yds: 2/15
TD: 3
Long: 64
Int: 0
Rating: 138.8

T.O.'s line:
Catches: 5
Yards: 131
Avg. 26.2
Long: 64
TD: 1

Greg Lewis's line:
Catches: 4
Yards: 72
Avg. 18
Long: 27
TD: 1


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