Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Boos and cheers

Thousands of Eagles fans turned out at Lehigh this morning for the first public practice with all the veterans.

And, as expected, greeted Terrell Owens with cheers and jeers. The Philadelphia faithful booed heartily when T.O. took the field.

Before practice began, T.O. once again kept to himself, shooting baskets on nearby court, wearing his headphones. Reporters were waiting for any sign he might bust out and start talking, but the star receiver is keeping to the code of silence.

Eagles management and agent Drew Rosenhaus have to be pleased by that.

Listen to Inquirer reporter Marc Narducci's audio report from the morning practice at Lehigh.


At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. I am sick of these so-called superstars. They are people, just like anyone else. I believe during the last baseball strike, it was Kurt Shilling who said, 'All we want is what the normal working man has'!. My answer to that, you signed a contract. Normal working men sign a contract too, except, we don't make as much, and never will. We don't get to, re-negotiate, or act like crybabies in front of the media. Maybe these guys should play for the same contracts the older players used to play for. Maybe they should get a taste of a real job, or working until you are 65, just to make ends meet. When is enough, enough! To quote an old boss, 'You don't like the river you are swimming in, find another one!'. Somebody please tell that big baby TO, we don't need him. Stop crying and get a real job. Represent yourself............ Honor your contract, like a real man.

At 12:20 PM, Blogger The Rev said...

Reading some previous comments, I want to say this about guys like TO.

Nobody "outperforms" their contract in the NFL in my opinion. TO was paid to do exactly what he did last season, and that is to be brilliant. That is why the Eagles brought him here, and that is what he did. He didn't outperform, he did exactly what is expected of him.

And in the case of Brian Westbrook, I'll agree he deserves a long term deal in the NFL. But again, he did not outperform his contract. Again, his job is to do exactly what he did last year. Everyone in the NFL is supposed to put out the best numbers and perform to the best of their ability all the time. No one outperforms their contract.

Do they deserve more money? Perhaps they do. Do they deserve more guaranteed money? Yes, in a lot of cases they do. But once you are on a team and no matter what your salary is, you are paid to perform at the highest level you can, whether you are the long snapper or the stud wideout. The whole notion of outperforming their contract is wrong.

I'm glad TO got booed. I'll also be the first one to cheer him when he scores 14 touchdowns this year because it helps my team win. If he wants to boil it down to money this way, then I will treat him like the hired gun he is, meaning I'll only like him when he produces. I'll reserve my unconditional love for guys like McNabb and Brain Dawkins. You get what you ask for in this case.


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