Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bonds: All about the timing

Does anyone else find Barry Bonds timing a little strange?

In a story on MLB.com, Bonds said, "I don't think you are going to see me out there this year. That's the reality of the situation. I'm improving. I'm happy with the progress. I'm working hard on the exercise bike and the elliptical machine, but I'm just not there yet. The last thing I want is to get back on the field and be out again a week later."

So why would Bonds, who makes a career out of not talking to the media, come out with this on the day Rafael Palmeiro is suspended by Major League Baseball for steroid use? Coincidence? Calculated (Not the biggest headline of the day?).

Remember the San Francisco Chronicle story that said Bonds testified to a grand jury that he took steroids, but was unaware they were steroids?

Ignorance is the defense o' the day when it comes to athletes and drugs.

Is Bonds afraid to come back after the Palmeiro revelations? Or are his recuperative and healing powers slowed because he is off the stuff?

There are lots of questions and no answers coming from Bonds.

It's easier to just go away.


At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The team offered Westbrook a contract that showed considerable faith in him as a starting running back. This isn't mini-camp, it is training camp. Him not showing up to camp was a bad move. A guy that gets hurt like Westbrrok can't afford to pull a Duce Staley and wait it out and leave. What will Westbrook do when he has the franchise tag placed on him next year? Hold out again?...


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