Monday, August 22, 2005

Andy Reid news conference

From the Eagles:

“[RB] Correll Buckhalter is being examined today by Dr. Andrews. We will know something probably later in the day and we will see how that goes. [LB/DE] Trent Cole will not practice today. [DE] Jamaal Green will not practice today. [G/C] Jamaal Jackson will not practice. [WR] Justin Jenkins has an ACL tear and will be out for the year. [LB] Mike Labinjo has a shoulder contusion and will not practice. [DT Keyonta] Marshall had a strain on his PCL, he will not practice today and that is a day-to-day situation. [CB] Dexter Wynn has a high ankle sprain and will not play or practice this week.”

Opening remarks:
“All in all there were some good things that we saw from the game film and there are plenty of things that we have to work on. Obviously those are the things that we are going to concentrate on and get ourselves better, eliminate some of the execution problems we had on offense, the penalties, and delays, and so on. We need to do a better job there. Defensively, there were some things execution wise we could do there better, in blitz game and our overall tackling and so on. So, we’ve got plenty of room to improve. I thought special teams took a step forward. We still have plenty of room to improve there, but we did get better at that particular area.”

On what he plans to do in the punt returning and backup corner back areas:
“We will get [CB] Matt [Ware] back and we will see how he does here this week. The return, [RB] Reno Mahe will be back there and obviously we have [CB] Lito [Sheppard] and [RB Brian] Westbrook if needed.”

On whether he feels like he needs to bring another corner back in:
“No, we are okay with Matt.”

On how Justin Jenkins’ injury affects the depth chart at wide receiver:
“[WR] Carlos Perez will move up. Carlos has had a good camp, so he will move up into that 5th spot and then practice there.”

On whether he expects guys like DT Sam Rayburn and WR Terrell Owens to practice this week:
“I do. Again, I am just going to see how they practice. They are feeling better, that’s why I didn’t mention them [in the injury report], but they are feeling better and we will just see how it goes this week.”

On whether it is a priority to for T.O. to play in a preseason game:
“I think it’s a good thing. He wants to obviously play and would have played this last week, but I didn’t think it was a smart thing to do coming off his injury. I think that it is good that he gets that timing down, yes.”

On the biggest difference in WR Reggie Brown this week compared to last week:
“He didn’t have opportunities, that’s kind of how it goes at that spot. I probably could have dialed up his number a little bit more; it just didn’t work out that way. Sometimes that happens.”

On whether the recent death of 49er’s LB Thomas Herrion causes him to concern about his guys:
“You always have concerns. That is a sad deal. He was a great kid too and to have something like that happen to him and his family, I think is devastating. But you don’t want it to happen to your team, anybody on your team. You try to take all of the precautionary measures and I’m sure the 49ers did the same thing. Things just sometimes happen and it’s a shame.”

On whether he looks at weight as factor in deaths in the NFL:
“That was a loaded question. You look at that. You are going to take care of the big guys and make sure that they get enough liquid in them for sure and just kind of keep a close eye on them. And hopefully the coach doesn’t go down (jokingly).”

On whether he ever gets a sense that guys are getting too big and a line is being crossed:
"I don’t know that. You would have to ask somebody in the medical field that. I can’t tell you that. I haven’t seen any studies come across my desk where that is an issue. I will tell you that we try to take as much of a precautionary measure that we can with the big guys.”

On the weight loss program that he is on:
“I’m doing the L.A. Weight Loss program. I’ve got a coach that is beating me up (jokingly). No, she is doing a great job of coaching me up on trying to eat the right things. So far, so good.”

On how much weight he has lost:
"I just crossed the 45 pound area..."

On time frame for Dexter Wynn's return:
“We would like to get him back for the Atlanta game. That would be a stretch, but that is what we are shooting for.”

On whether he is comfortable with Mahe at punt returner:
“I think he will be fine. Obviously the first thing you look at is securing the football and then pounding it up in there as many yards as you can get after the catch, that’s what you are looking for too. He is a secure catcher and he can be productive back there.”

On whether Jenkins’ injury improves WR Robert Redd’s chances of making the team:
“We will see. He’s got a couple more game. We will see how they go.”

On whether he is leery of putting a starter, like Westbrook or Lito, at punt returner:
“I’m not saying we won’t do that, I’m not saying that. But, right now I would rather not go that route. But, that could happen.”


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