Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Andy Reid news conference

For your reading enjoyment.

This from the Eagles:

Andy Reid press conference


“[RB] Correll Buckhalter did not practice today. We are getting the swelling out of that knee. It’s not completely out, but we are getting it down. He is rehabbing that knee and he is going to do that for a week, then be reevaluated. [DE] Trent Cole has a sprain of the sternum area, just below the clavicle area. We are going to have an MRI done today and we will know a little bit more, later this afternoon. [DT] Paul Grasmanis has a foot sprain. It is not a lisfranc injury, which we thought it might be. It is on the tendon next to that and it might take a week or two to get that thing back. The positive news is that it is not a lisfranc. [DE] Jamaal Green also has a foot strain and is making progress. He’s getting better. We are playing on the side of caution. We tried it before and it didn’t work, so we don’t want to put him in a bad position. [C] Jamaal Jackson is improving with his tricep tear. He did not have surgery on that. He’s been rehabbing it and it is getting stronger. We are optimistic, but we are not sure exactly how long it will be. [LB] Mike Labinjo had a MCL sprain of the knee and that is a day to day situation. [FB] Jon Ritchie had a knee contusion on the surgically repaired knee. It is swollen up and we will see when the swelling goes down exactly how that is. [CB] Matt Ware has an infection in the toe. It is actually on the bottom of the big toe. He had to have it lacerated and drained, so we will see how that goes. The problem is that it is on that toe and when he walks it affects it. [CB] Sheldon Brown collided with [WR Terrell Owens] T.O. this morning, towards the end of practice, and has a laceration on his leg. He should be fine.”

Opening remarks:
“All and all it was a good practice. I was happy with the way that guys came out and practiced. It was aggressive, we had some contact upfront and we banged it around a little bit. T.O. and I did get together this morning. I’m obviously not going to get into details. I’ll keep that between T.O. and myself. I’m not going to comment any further on that. He did go out and practice today and did a nice job. He worked very hard.”

On whether it was just him and T.O.:
“It was myself and T.O., yes.”

On whether he would call it fruitful:
“Fruitful? It was a good meeting.”

On how long the two of them met:
“For a few minutes. I didn’t time it.”

On whether it is safe to assume that he heard what he wanted to hear:
“He practiced and he practiced well. He did a great job out there.”

On what about the meeting made it good:
“You guys are wedging in on this. I’m not going into all of that. You are doing a nice job though.”

On whether he is going to play this week:
“We will see. You saw that I limited his reps today. I’m not going to get into a situation where we re-aggravate that groin. I kept close track of that and made sure that I communicated with him out there to see how he was feeling. We did limit it a bit. We will see how he feels.”

On whether a healing process needs to take place:
“We are going to take it day by day and see how things go. That’s the approach that we are taking. It’s good to have him out there today and working.”

On whether he wanted to see T.O. talking to teammates at practice:
“He was fine today. I would expect him to be like that.”

On whether he feels the need to talk to other players about the situation:
“On what we met on, no.”

On feeling the need to talk to other players about anything involving T.O.:
“I keep open communication with the players, so we will handle it in house. That’s the way we are going to approach it. We always have and that’s how we will do it.”

On whether he feels T.O. can be a non-disruptive force the rest of the season:
“Yeah, he needs to work hard like he did. The coaches will coach him and he’ll play. He wants to know what he is doing wrong. That is what he wants to know. I’ve said this about other great athletes, they want you to talk to them and get them the information they need so they can be greater than what they are. That is what we are doing.”

On whether T.O. needs to reconcile with him for his actions:
“Again, I’m not going to get into all of that. That is in-house information.”

On whether T.O. needs to meet with offensive coordinator Brad Childress and other players:


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