Tuesday, August 23, 2005

All in a name ... continued

After checking the Eagles discussion boards again and the comments to this blog, "Trauma Unit" seems to be taking hold.

While it delivers a painful message, I am not sure it will find its way into the newspaper, but you never know.

Maybe if they go out and "hurt somebody" ...


At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the author of "Trauma Unit" ,when I came up with it I was thinking back to "Gang Green" days of Buddy Ryan and the infamous "Body Bag" game which with todays situation (nation at war) calling them the "Body Bag Unit" would be crass and insensitive to say the least. Gang Green" I feel should never be used again, it was one group of men who's place in Eagle history is infamous ! I have one other name which may fit... "Screaming Eagles" which references to the US Army Paratoopers...the "Screaming Eagles" of the 101st Airborne.A downright noble and nasty unit of the US Army


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