Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pitching a shutout

For the third consecutive season, Phillies general manager Ed Wade has been in a position to make trade-deadline deals to better the team. In each season, he has failed to pull the trigger.

In 2003 and 2004, he was reluctant to give up on prospect pitchers Gavin Floyd and Cole Hamels as well as second baseman Chase Utley. All of whom were sought after by other teams. Utley has worked out fine, the pitchers are still projects.

What about 2005?

"We tried to find a deal that would improve our club and couldn't come up with one," said Wade on the Phillies website.

Sound familiar?

In 2003, the Phillies were 60-47 on Aug. 1 and went 26-29 the rest of the way to finish 15 games behind the Braves. In 2004, they were 53-51 and went 33-25 to finish 10 games behind.

Today, it feels like more of the same. The Phils are 55-51 and trail the Braves by 6 1/2 games and are behind the Nationals, Marlins and Astros in the wild-card chase.

For three seasons, the Phillies offense has been erratic and the starting pitching inconsistent.

What remains a constant is the general manager's inability to better his team at the trade deadline.


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Aaron Knox said...

Or in the farm system, or in free agency (except Thome and Wagner when he had a brand-new stadium to fill) .... is it the fault of Wade, or Montgomery and Co.?

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Jim Jenks said...

Once Montgomery and Co. increased the payroll a couple of years ago, Wade did go out and perform in the offseason.

Most people would agree that Thome, Millwood and Bell the first year was a good haul. It may not have worked out that way, but at the time it was applauded.

Billy Wagner was a great acquisition as well. You can't argue that.

The Phillies have been close the past three seasons, but when they needed a shot in the arm, they did not get it. I throw that on Wade.

At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the Phillies are a dull, boring team besides underperforming. Most of the highly paid "star" are underperformers. Perhaps we as fans should be asking to renegotiate their contracts as a reverse Drew Rosenhause ploy. The Phillies as a team have no one except for Chase Utley that I would pay to see. That is a problem from a fan's point of view. Even their stars are boring such as Abreu or Burrell. The team needs to be broken down and sold off as scrap. Start over, put Ed Wade out to pasture and get someone who can at least make things exciting as they rebuild. I predict the Phillies will not win anything for the next 5 years and will only win in that time frame if they start now.

Fedup Fan


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